Above is the entrance to the 2013 ATA Archery Trade Show. That’s me (Robert Hoague) and Rich Walton and we’re the brains and brawn of Bowhunting.net.

If you’ve followed Bowhunting.net on our Online Bowhunts the gentleman below should look familiar, even without his camoflague. Say “Hello” to Mike Jordan of Atsko, the maker of scent eliminating detergents and soaps, waterproofing products and UV Eliminating spray and clothes wash.

At the Altus booth I saw the perfect item for ground blind, video hunters. The Video Chair has a built in Tripod Arm. That’s Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports trying out the chair and video tripod arm. It works great.


Part of the fun of attending a big show like the ATA is that you run into friends you don’t see regularly any more. Here, my partner Rich Walton is talking to Fred Wallace (right). Fred is one of the founders of Bowhunter Magazine.


Rich and I went to the Bear Archery booth for our meeting with Jason Pickerill the Marketing Manager. This year I’m proud to say Bear is working with us and Bear Archery and Trophy Ridge products will be a big part of the Online Bowhunts on the site. Jason hooked me up with the new Bear Empire in December and I’m enjoying shooting and hunting with it.

Below is Greg Abbas of Away Products and Outdoor Television. I’m sure you’re familiar with Greg’s TV show as well as his products, the most famous being the Bow Grunter. I’ve used it for years and it definitely calls in bucks.

Greg showed me the the Grizzly Bear self inflating bow cases. What better way to protect your bow than to carry it in a inflated case. Plus, when you let the air out of it this case rolls up into an incredibly small cylinder.


Another good ground blind product is the BowStix Bow Bipod. It supports your bow at the ready. Collin Cottrell and I used it two years ago on turkey hunts and it works great.


Speaking of people I haven’t seen in awhile, here is my friend, the famous whitetail artist Chuck Denault (middle). Chuck is one of the best.

Mike Furia (below right) introduced himself to me and we went to his booth and met the Caveman. Mike’s company is Dead Ringer. They make the Rampage, Trauma and Stiletto broadheads as well as fiber optic and red dot scopes.

At the Ozonics booth Buddy Piland (below middle) showed me and Bill Lee (right) their scent eliminating product. While we looked at it Ralph Quinn (left) of American Whitetail Targets stopped and told me that he uses the Ozonics and he doesn’t hunt deer without it.

Meet Ed Potts of Camo Patch. It glues fabric and just about everything else together. While we were talking Ed cut our two strips of fabric and glued them with the Camo Patch and then handed it to me and said, “Pull it apart.” It had only been a few seconds but it would not separate. I purchased a bottle of this and have already repaired cuts in some ground blinds.

Steven Rupert introduced himself and we went to his booth. He owns Stevens Archery and has an impressive compound bow line. I took a picture of him explaining the features of this high performance womens bow to a young archer.

Here is Mike Scaniffe from Square-Up. This product goes behind your bowsight and when you line it up with your pin you are right on and don’t have any hand tourque.

At the Blind Turtle booth I said hello to the owner Ed Fell. I hunted with him a few years ago and have hunted in the Blind Turtle several times. It is a very good blind and it can be set on the ground or elevated. (My picture was blurry and not usable.)

Another ground blind that is cool was at Nature Blinds. The Tree Blind inventor designs and manufacturers sets for the movie industry. Tree Blind is completely realistic on the outside. And the inside is roomy and perfect for bowhunting.