The 2013 Archery Trade Show (ATA) was January 7-10.

The Archery Trade Association is the organization for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives, media and others working in the archery and bowhunting industry. The ATA Trade Show is the archery and bowhunting industry’s LARGEST show.

News and New Products At ATA

Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo Win MUZZY’S TALL MAN AWARD

Muzzy Products Corp. presented its prestigious Tall Man Award to Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo – hosts of the “Archer’s Choice” and “The Choice,” TV shows on the Outdoor Channel – during the 2012 ATA Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio.

Ralph Cianciarulo, Barbara Musachia, Michele Eichler and Vicki Cianciarulo, pose with the Muzzy “Tall Man Award” Wednesday morning at the 2012 ATA Trade Show.

In presenting the award, Muzzy CEO Michele Eichler credited the couple for their many years of tireless work promoting archery and bowhunting to youths and families nationwide.

“I can’t believe it took us so long to honor both of you and the entire Cianciarulo family,” Eichler said. “You’re the real deal. You represent the hunting industry with class and dedication, always giving back, and always with an eye on the future and protecting our hunting heritage. It’s our honor to recognize them with this award.”

Ralph said hunting and archery are their lives, and they have been blessed in so many ways. “We’re honored to be recognized by Muzzy, a company that also gives back to this entire industry in so many ways,” he said. “This means so much to our family. We can’t say thank you enough to Michele and everyone from Muzzy.”

Ralph also thanked his family for their support, especially his mother, Arlene Cianciarulo, who helps keep the family and business running.

“As long as I can remember, my parents have encouraged me to do the best I can no matter what I did in life,” Ralph says. “The best way for any of us to compliment our parents is to always remember actions reflect leadership. Thanks Mom and Dad.”

Bear Archery Motive 6
The Motive 6 from Bear Archery has a 6-inch brace height, is 32 inches axle to axle, and shoots 350 feet per second but only weighs 4 pounds. “Brand new from Bear Archery this season is the H13 synchronized cam system, which produces the power behind this bow,” Josh Sidebottom, engineering manager of Bear Archery, explains.

“This cam system allows the bow to have a smooth draw all the way back to the back wall. It has rotating modules, so there are no modules or cams required to change your draw lengths. You can go from 25-1/2- to 30 inches of draw length with this bow, that comes in a variety of colors.

Bear Archery was one of the first companies to come into the compound bow market. Not only has the company maintained its quality and continued to improve its bows, Bear is on the leading edge of bow technology.” The Bear family of archers seems to be really excited about this new Motive 6.

Grim Reaper Broadheads – 2013 Grim Reaper Splits Bones

Since 2000, Grim Reaper has combined the accuracy and durability of Trocrazor tip that promises to wreak havoc on bone while flying like a field tip.

The Whitetail Special Edition supplies a true 2” cut from its 3 blade head. This broadhead is designed for higher kenetic energy bows. It provides the option of the traditional Razortip or the new RazorCut SS. The Whitetail Special is available in 100 grain.

Also hot for 2013 are the three Grim Reaper Mathews® edition broadheads. The three
broadheads all feature a bone crushing “V Notch” tip which is exclusive to Mathews® edition heads only. Grim Reaper has the 3 blade 2” cut 100 grain whitetail sized Mathews® mechanical broadhead. This head is constructed of a single piece of stainless steel making it the deadliest mechanical broadhead available.

Grim Reaper has also designed a NEW crossbow approved 3 blade mechanical broadhead. This tip has been tested and proven at speeds over 400 fps with 1½” cut.

Finally, although Grim Reaper is known for mechanicals they have brought hunters an incredible Mathews® Edition fixed blade with AIRFOIL™ technology to spin-stabilize the arrow in flight. The back edges of the blades are even sharpened, providing the added benefit of a blade that cuts going in and coming out. The 1 3/16” cut and razor sharp 3 blade offers a quiet and accurate shot.

Grim Reaper promises no premature opening and no deflection on hard angle shots, even with the most radical bow speeds. For the past 13 years Grim Reaper has been improving their already awesome heads. Ensuring bone-splitting penetration and over 3 inches of linear cut, with Grim Reapers you’ll be sure to “Watch ‘Em Drop!”

Bohning Archery – The “Web” Armguard

Traditional archery has made a comeback, and one of the most distinctive pieces of traditional gear is the armguard. Fashioned after traditional style armguards, this cut-out web design is durable yet very flexible. The soft-finish rubber completely protects the forearm and will not absorb scent. The open design allows for maximum ventilation to keep you cool & comfortable. Includes cut-to-size elastic for easy on/off and complete adjustability. Approximate dimensions are 6” long, 6” wide at front, 8” wide at rear. Available in Hot Pink, Black, Neon Green, Red and Blue.

Bohning Archery – Aim-it Trail Camera Mount
The use and popularity of trail cameras is steadily rising, and whether you are documenting an animal’s growth year to year, learning behavior patterns or familiarizing yourself with the animals in your hunting area, using trail cameras can certainly keep you better informed and make you a more effective hunter.

Bohning recognizes the importance of this hunting tool, and so we are pleased to introduce the Aim-It fully adjustable camera mount. Aim-It allows you to get perfect camera angles and get the shot! Simple installation options ensure you aren’t spending all your time on setup.

Aim-It is quickly and easily mounted to the tree using either the fully adjustable strap (included) or using 4 (minimum 2” length) wood screws (not included.
In addition, the small footprint of the Aim-It allows for more placement options while minimizing the risk of theft. They can’t take what they can’t see!

Aim-It is constructed of lightweight yet incredibly tough glass-filled nylon. Three points of rotation allow you to get any angle, any shot! Fits all cameras with a ¼”-20 standard threaded port.

Bohning BowHitch

Holding, storing and displaying your bow just doesn’t get any easier than the BowHitch. The unique “L” bracket and receiver system are quick to install, keeping your bow safely secured wherever you take it – in the stand, at the range or at home.

The bracket stays attached to your bow’s riser & weighs just 1.3 oz! Slide the bracket into the mounted receiver for a secure connection, keeping your bow at “the ready” or in position for hands-free adjustments. Additional receivers sold separately for multiple storage sites.

Spot-On Laser Bowfish Assassin

Clean Shot Archery’s revolutionary Spot-On Laser Bowfish Assassin features an internal laser that automatically activates at full draw using a bow-mounted magnet.

The laser makes bowfishing aiming easier, because the adjustable-for-impact laser light bends in the water just like daylight to provide spot-on aiming at any reasonable water depth. No more aiming low to beat Snell’s Law of Refraction, making bowfishing easier for every shooter. It’s especially useful for beginning bowfishermen, and for bowfishing guides to help teach clients where to aim on submerged targets.

Harmon Scent Stick

Harmon Scents has packed some of its popular scents into rub-on sticks that are easy to use and effective. The sticks can be used for all manner of applications, including on clothing, scent wicks or on natural features such as rocks, stumps or vegetation.

Available in an applicator that won’t spill, leak or break, the sticks are available in 10 varieties, including Triple Heat, Dominant Buck, Bear-Cinnamon, Coyote, Fox, Doe Pee and Herd Blend-whitetail.

Hot Trails Scented Hunting Candles

When working in a candle factory, Hot Trails founder Bill Moore thought about how scented candles continued to put out strong aromas whether lit or not.

Moore created a candle using a Doe in Heat scent and the Hot Trails Scented Hunting Candle was born. The scent from the burning candle can travel up to 500 yards and each candle can last for more than five hours.

Including a package of Scented Hunting Candles and a Mini Lantern, the Hot Trails starter kit includes everything a hunter needs to get started with this dynamite scent dispersal system.

Maxima Red

All-new Maxima Red hunting arrows fromCarbon Express are designed with stiffer ends to contain and control dynamic spine, shifting it to the middle of the shaft, or the “Red Zone” as Carbon Express would have it.

The result is a hunting arrow that provides superior broadhead accuracy and tighter groups. Maxima Red arrows are sorted for consistent weight (+/-1 grain) and spine (+/-.0025-inch). Every Red shaft is also laser checked for straightness (+/-.0025-inch).

New LaunchPad precision nocks are also installed to deliver controlled arrow release and better shaft alignment to further improve accuracy. Red technology is so effective only two spine options are required to handle bows from 40-92 pounds.

Mutiny Slasher

Building on the success of last year’s popular Mutiny arrow, Carbon Express introduces the new Mutiny Slasher. The Slasher is made of lighter carbon to deliver more speed, flatter trajectories and tighter pin gaps.

The shaft’s high-polish finish also means they are quiet when drawn across the rest and easy to remove from targets. Each set of Mutiny Slashers is sorted for weight consistency within +/-2 grains. They’re also laser checked for straightness, offering +/-.003-inch maximum deviation. They come standard with new LaunchPad precision nocks, a design providing precision fit and top-notch accuracy.


Trophy Ridge React

Simplicity is key. That’s what makes the new React Sight from Trophy Ridge so great. What’s unique about the React is that the pins will literally sight themselves in.

All you need to do is get the 20- and 30-yard pins properly tuned using the micro windage and elevation adjustments, and the bottom three pins will automatically move to 40, 50 and 60 yards via the master adjustment knob on top of the device. The sight is calibrated to work regardless of bow model or arrow speed. If you do things right, you can have a brand new rig sighted in and ready to roll in 10 minutes.

Weighing 10.3 ounces, the React is constructed from Trophy Ridge’s exclusive Ballistix copolymer that offers the strength of aluminum at a fraction of the weight. The React also sports a rubberized finish, .019-inch fiber-optic pins, rheostat pin light, sight level and reversible mounting bracket.

Cobra Double Tine

Cobra Manufacturing’s new Double Tine is a single-pin, movable scope sight. As part of the company’s Buckhead Series, the sight is a tough, CNC-machined aluminum unit with a metal protected pin and hooded guard for added strength and fiber protection in the field.

The Double Tine features a 1.9-inch inner diameter housing for a very large field of view and proper peep alignment. Other features include a sight ring for quick target acquisition and a rheostat light positioned to reduce pin glare In low light.