Bowhunting Deer 2012

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Scouting For Deer is a big thing to me. And because I live where I bowhunt deer and wild turkeys I get to enjoy it throughout the year. Normally, in late June or in July I find a Big Boy or two and when I get lucky I take their pictures

This last year was an odd one. We had very little rain and my food plot, which normally brings in deer, didn’t grow anything except weeds and some sparse local browse. But some deer came anyway, perhaps just out of habit.

July 10 was the kick off day of my scouting for the bow season. Two handsome bucks showed up briefly in all their summer, skinny necked,  antler growing wonderfulness.

One was an 8-point and the other a 9-point. In a couple of days I had another chance to put my Sony on one of them. He was standing in tall, sun dried weeds and the sunlight made him look very cool.

On the July 13 he came close enough to my blind that I took the picture below. He is still gaining length to his points and main beams. The summer heat has sucked any extra weight off him.

A month went by and on the morning of August 30 I saw both bucks together. Other deer were in the area and they walked around, letting the others know they were the Big Boys of the area.

My 2012 deer hunt began taking shape in my mind during the last half of August. I was in a ground blind — without my bow, of course, since the season didn’t start for another month. I got a good close look at the 9-point. His neck was a little thicker now and his antlers looked like they had grown all they were going to.

The next day I waited in the H2O Water Seep ground blind and had the good luck to get some pictures of the 9-points Buddy Buck, the 8-point.

I put some game cameras out and kept track of the bucks by their pictures. But on September 21, a week before the season began Big Boy 9 stopped just long enough to be a star in my Sony memories.

BB-9 now has a thicker neck and is putting on weight. And he shed his velvet 2 weeks ago.

BB-9 is a fine, mature buck for our area. So is the 8-point. But BB-9 pushed my button a little bit more.

So that is the overview of what happened before the season began. During the season I didn’t cover some of the events of my search for BB-9 but I’m making up for that now.



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