Plays Wet!

Jerry Petersen of the Woods Wise® Callmasters™ is proud to now offer the all new Mys.Tek™ Diamond Gold™ Plus Crystal 2X2 Flipsider.

The Mys.Tek Diamond Gold is an all new surface material formed by fusing hundreds of thousands of micro diamond crystals under high pressure and extreme heat. This exclusively licensed technology results in a “tough as diamonds” call surface that produces a smooth, yet raspy tone similar to natural slate but without the care and maintenance.

Diamond Gold calls are perfect for aggressive loud cutting or whisper soft yelps, purrs or clucks and are available in three styles.

The 2-sided Mys.Tek Gold Plus Crystal features the raspy Diamond Gold disc on the top plus a shrill premium Crystal on the bottom.

The Mys.Tek Gold Plus Crystal 2X2 Flipsider includes our famous “Never Skip” Hickory Striker for flawless “Plays Wet” calling.

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