When going afield, you want to make certain you’ve done everything within your power to give you the edge. No product is as crucial to your advantage as the blind or stand you choose to hunt from each season. The folks at Advantage Hunting understand this and have perfected the concept of the rigid hunting blind with the Deluxe and Whitetail models.

Deluxe Blind

Features ranging from user-friendly setup to SCENTite technology combine both common sense and scientific research to enhance your hunting experience.

Hunt on the ground or elevated on one of the Advantage Platforms, and have the option of transporting your blind from one place to another with an Advantage Blind trailer.

When it comes to versatility, the Deluxe Blind is unbeatable. The Deluxe Blind comes available with a locking full-size walk-in door for use on the ground or a trap-door-through-the-floor when used elevated.

Whitetail Blind

The patented SCENTite scent-proof technology built into each Deluxe Blind includes windows that seal against a gasket to keep them scent-tight and weatherproof while flipping up outwardly providing an unobstructed view or shot. The key in remaining scent-proof however lies in Advantage’s stellar technology, which pulls in fresh air through intake ports located near the base of the blind, drafting air up and out of an exhaust pipe located over 30 feet above the ground, similar to a chimney in your home.

The heavy-duty Polyethylene olive drab shell with black interior is lightweight and virtually maintenance-free. This weather- and bug-proof blind is carpeted with a 3/4″ pressure-treated plywood floor and is available in both a two- and four-person design.

The Advantage Whitetail Blind is a slightly more economical blind than the Advantage Deluxe Blind, but with many of the same great features. Available in both a two- and four-person design, the Whitetail Blind is made of heavy-duty polyethylene.

Great for both gun and bowhunters, the blind comes equipped with tinted corner viewing windows providing a 360-degree viewing range. While visibility is excellent, Advantage realizes that it’s the shot that counts, which is why the Whitetail Blind has built-in, large, hinged polycarbonate windows that flip up and out of your way offering you that perfect shot opportunity every time.

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