Advantage SCENTite Hunting Blind


Human scent in a hunting environment can make or break a hunt, and no one takes that more seriously than Advantage Hunting. With its SCENTite technology, Advantage has paved the way for scent-proof hunting blinds.

Air-tight SCENTite hunting blinds pull in fresh air through intake portals near the floor of the blind. Then exhaust air is naturally drifted upward into the roof of the blind and through a chimney-like vent pipe that extends 30 feet into the air above the blind. This design ensures that your prey doesn’t sniff you out while you are hunting. No matter the wind conditions, your scent is completely controlled around your blind.

Not only are the SCENTite blinds scent-proof, they are lightweight, durable and portable. They can be used effectively as ground blinds with a full-size, walk-in door, or elevated off the ground with a trap door through the floor for easy access. Tinted polycarbonate windows allow a 360-degree view with waterproof seals, but can also be flipped up and out of the way for use during both gun and bow seasons.

A two-person model with 25 square feet of space, and a four-person model with 45 square feet of space are available. The exterior is olive green for superior concealment in any environment, and the interior is black to ensure disguise of the hunter.

Some hunts require complete human scent control to successfully harvest prey, and Advantage SCENTite hunting blinds are definitely up for the job. In any environment, for any weather or wind conditions, a SCENTite blind will ensure complete scent control on your next hunt.

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