Gear Review: Wicked Tough Hand Saw


By: Gary Elliot

Todd Pringnitz, a hard core Whitetail hunter, is the owner of White Knuckle Productions and the new Whitetails, Inc. web show. Todd is an engineer by day and after hanging many tree stands in his spare time, Todd got tired of cheap cumbersome hand saws that failed. His goal was to design and manufacture a hand saw that would be comfortable to hold and tough enough to withstand most anything.

Over my 51 years of life I have learned that not everything, if not most things, are not as they are advertised. There are very few things that really are all they are advertised to be.

The Wicked Tree Hand Saw is as advertised, one nearly indestructible hand saw. It was 10 years in the making and made of a patent pending cast aluminum handle design, which is the foundation for what has become the strongest handle and blade locking mechanism ever produced.

I’ve owned several other hand saws in the past that bent, wobbled and soon broke. Since I started using the Wicked Tough Hand Saw I have not had one single problem.  Even after rolling over the saw with my car and beating it on concrete it still performs like a new saw.

The Handle of the Wicked Tough Saw comes with a Lifetime Warranty. And you can purchase replacement blades should you ever need a new one.

So, if you want a great hand saw that does what the owner says it will visit and get yours.

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