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By: Michael Batease

Scent prevention is nothing new in the outdoor industry. It is a necessary key element when it comes to success. Dead Down Wind is one of the leading companies in the Scent Prevention game and has been for some time. What makes DDW so effective in scent elimination? Simple, ScentPrevent Technology.

ScentPrevent Technology is based on decades of research, science and a diverse range of applications. From the medical field and feminine hygiene products to septic and waste water applications, there’s more definitive documentation on the use of enzymes in odor control than all the other product methods put together in the hunting scent control category. The enzymes in Dead Down Wind, known as Enzyme Scent Prevention, or simply ESP, are designed to breakdown odor molecules. DDW has revolutionized the scent elimination industry with ESP. Through this bio-engineered process a strand of enzymes are created that target human bacteria – the source of human odor. Dead Down Wind has streamlined this process for the modern hunter into three easy steps: 1.Laundry/Storage, 2. Personal Hygiene and 3. Field Applications.

Laundry Detergent

Most hunters don’t even think about Laundry/Storage of their hunting clothing till shortly before heading out in the field. They seem to forget that as the articles of clothing are sitting around the house they are soaking in odors from everyday living. It is these odors that allow animals to detect our presence and give us away. I like to wash my hunting clothes as soon as I return home from a trip in ESP Triple Action Laundry detergent and follow up with ESP Dryer Sheets. Once they are dry, the clothes go right from the dryer into an extra large zip lock bag where I can seal out any odors that may get into them. When getting ready to head out into the field, I simply put them in a dryer with another ESP Dryer sheet just to make sure.

DDW Shampoo

Personal Hygiene can be rated as one of the most important factors in hunter success. The error I see from many individuals is that they wash with some sort of scent free soap the morning of their first hunt or maybe the day before. This may work for some but not for me. I actually start with e2 Scent Prevent Bar Soap and e2 Shampoo & Conditioner a couple of weeks before heading out on my hunt. Dead Down Wind also offers e2 Scent Prevent Antiperspirant, Lip Balm, Mouth Spray and Hand Sanitizer to round out your personal hygiene arsenal. Why stop with only getting your body and hair scent free? It doesn’t do any good to over look the other areas where body odor causing bacteria can grow and blowing your hunt.

Field Wash Cloths

Field application is where I see a bunch of people skimp. The think that by spraying a few areas on their person or gear will make everything scent free. Not so!! As we travel to our hunting area, or even while in camp, our clothes and gear are gathering the odors that surround us. Even the simple task of cooking or eating in camp can cause odors that we can’t even smell get into everything. Dead Down Wind has the Evolve 3D ESP Field Spray to eliminate those odors each morning before leaving camp. One product that I love from DDW is their Evolve 3D ESP Pac-It Refills Field Spray and Field Wash Cloths. The Field Spray are packets that you simply add to water while out in the field to eliminate odors. Basically I can leave the large bottle of field spray in camp and only carry the refills along with a smaller spray container for in the field scent elimination.

Get the scent control you need for your hunt in one great package with the Grand Slam Box Kit.

Dead Down Wind has really taken the scent elimination industry by hold and is not letting go anytime soon. With revolutionary products and exceptional customer service, Dead Down Wind is an easy choice. They even take it a step farther by offering a line of year round products to ensure your gun or bow is scent free as well. If you haven’t tried any of their products you owe it to yourself to give a go and find out how science can increase your chance for success. Check out the entire line of products at http://www.deaddownwind.com/. Evolve your scent elimination with Dead Down Wind.