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By: Jason Herbert

Robinson Outdoors releases an entertaining and informative annual DVD series called “Secrets of the Pro’s”. The lessons taught are timeless in regards to a strategic scent control plan. This blog series is going to detail the lessons taught in particular segments, provide a link for online viewing, and challenge the reader to continue to strive for a more strict scent control regimen.

Investing in high quality carbon clothing is a big decision. Caring for carbon clothing is even more important. In this segment, Scott discusses how to properly care for activated carbon clothing. He covers everything from the initial washing of the clothing to technical tips while storing it properly.

Look over Terry Drury’s shoulder as he shoots an absolute giant buck. That same evening his brother Mark harvests a mature doe, directly downwind. The hunting action in this short segment is incredible!

Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The strength of the scent control chain rests on the hunter’s shoulders. Activated carbon clothing is incredibly effective when cared for properly. Investing in quality hunting clothing is an important step in a disciplined scent control regimen and maintaining the integrity of the clothing by caring for it properly is a must.

Although this segment is a short one, it is full of useful information and deer hunting action. Enjoy!

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