Tom Jennings Passes

Back in the late 70’s I gave a talk about camouflage at an archery festival by the Waltonian Archers near Cedar Rapids, IA. The gentleman after me was someone I recognized from the Bowhunting and Archery magazines, Tom Jennings. 

His talk and accompanied flip charts about the compound bow and how it worked were extremely impressive  Jennings knew his stuff about this new bow and its technology  To tell the truth I was still shooting a recurve but this talk got me fired up to try a compound.

When I got home I immediately purchased a new Jennings Arrowstar.

In those days I gave talks at lots of events and Tom Jennings was a speaker at many or these shoots and hunting shows. He was always a gentleman and he took the time to answer questions and help thousands of archers.

Starting with revamping the Allen compound and moving through several stages to the first single cam bow, Tom Jennings was a driving force in the development of the compound bow … and the phenomenal growth of archery and bowhunting.

He passed away yesterday, February 25. Tom Jennings will be missed by thousands.

We were fortunate a few years ago to obtain the last and maybe the only interview with Tom. Thanks to our good friend Sherwood Schoch who took our questions with him when he visited his old boss and friend on the coast of Mexico. Here is that interview:

Straight Talk – Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings represents the very soul of the archery industry. Inquisitive, innovative, tenacious, talented and committed to our sport. In this exclusive interview you will know the sport is greater because he was here.

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