V-Twin Full Capture Arrow Rest with Mathews Harmonic Damping

The V-Twin Full Capture Rest from Xtreme Hardcore Gear brings the ease and versatility of bow tuning to a whole new level. The heart of the V-Twin Rest is the independent adjustments of the Teflon launchers as well as their housings.

These independent adjustments allow for custom tuning of not only sideways pressure on the arrow, but overall height as well. In addition, each Teflon plunger features an independent spring tension adjustment to fine tune arrow flight.

This awesome little rest also features a top mounted, full capture pin that is held in place by a flexible, rubber housing that is not only fully adjustable, but completely removable if so desired. Xtreme Hardcore Gear combines all of these great features to produce one of the most versatile and adjustable full capture rests on the market today.

This feature packed rest also has a Mathews Harmonic Damping® module integrated right into the rest arm for additional vibration control. The billet machined, aluminum rest body along with independent and adjustable Teflon launchers make the V-Twin Arrow Rest extremely durable and quiet enough to harvest even the wariest of big game.
MSRP $99.95

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