The benefits of a pickup bed cover are many. Believe me, I know. They’ve protected my pickup bed full of treestands, ground blinds, luggage, bowcase and other items for years. Like the proverbial postman, a good pickup cover is on the job when it rains, snows, hails, sleets or the wind gets high. And another thing I like about them is that with my stuff “out of sight and out of mind” I don’t have to worry when I park and leave my pickup unattended.

I’ve owned and used three different makes. Two of them weren’t worth $5.00 let alone what I paid for them. But, when I tried an Access pick up cover its great fit and impressive performance quickly made a believer out of me. Access covers are the best. I recommend them to anyone who wants a top quality pickup bed cover.

Today, lets take a look at a special cover, the Access® Toolbox Edition. It is designed specifically for pickups with Toolboxes.

Access® Toolbox Edition is the original Access® Cover from Agricover that fits behind the popular 19-21 inch over-the-rail pickup Toolboxes, giving you additional protected storage in the truck bed as well as complete access to your Toolbox.

The truck bed Access cover is independent from your Toolbox and does not interfere with opening and closing it as you remove or put in tools and other items.

And, when you want, you can get into your toolbox from inside the truck bed, because the cover quickly rolls up out of your way. Access® Toolbox Edition Roll-Up Cover is perfect for tackling any job. The cover is UV protected and the fabric’s material is stretch-resistant and flexible to sub zero temperatures down to -40°F.

The Access® Roll-Up Cover for pickup truck Toolboxes, rolls up in seconds allowing full use of the bed of the truck. See it on the web at

Access Cover Rolls Up Easily
The Access® Toolbox Edition Tonneau Cover quickly rolls up nice and esy and fits compactly behind your Toolbox. This allows full bed usage of the bed of your pickup.

Your Toolbox Is Fully Operational
The Access® Toolbox Cover does not interfere with your opening and closing of your Toolbox. You can open or close it, and take out or put in items with the cover either closed or rolled up.

AutoLatch II Latching System
Patented AutoLatch™ II features and automatic dual locking system that releases the locks on both sides with one smooth downward pull on the latch loop. A heavy duty nylon latch has a 1/2″ of surface for a solid positive latch engagement at each end of the rear bar.

Tight Bite Clamps
8 sturdy aircraft grade aluminum clamps secure your rails to the side of your truck (most short boxes receive 6 clamps). Specially cut “teeth” maintain a superior grip giving these clamps exceptional strength. 

The XT-Dial™ has been redesigned and improved. The patented EZ-Dial™ tension control system now has a large oversized grip. The EZ-Dial™ was already the most effective tension control system on the road and with the redesigned XT-Dial™ it just got better.

Sealing Header Bar
The cover‘s unique header bar has a dual purpose. First, it forms a tight seal between your tonneau cover and toolbox and, secondly, offers extra flexibility during the over’s installation and guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Take a few seconds and see how Access pickup bed covers can be an asset in the back of your pickup.  Just click on the video below.

Don’t have a Toolbox in your pickup? Well, there’s an Access cover for every length bed and every type of pickup. Click on over to the Agricover Access web site and check out the line up.