Hunt Channel TV and have announced their joining forces to bring exciting outdoor programming to the internet. Hunt Channel TV in partnership with Angel Two Network on the Dish Network will begin airing its own block of quality outdoor programs on Channel #266. At the same time will offer a special Hunt Channel portal where highlight clips of all shows may be viewed.


Merrill Sport, President of Hunt Channel made the announcement: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Angel Two Network and to provide our line-up of quality outdoor programs to the public through Dish Network during prime time and world-wide on the internet through In addition to great programs Hunt Channel TV, in another first, will break away from the standard network programming to provide an avenue for new outdoor show producers with an entry level pricing structure as well as established producers seeking affordable additional households on a national distribution platform.”


Merrill continued; “By joining with, an established web site with a measurably large audience we will also be able to expand the audience for every show we contract over our television audience. We are excited about the possibilities and look forward to the future.”


Rich Walton of Hawk Associates Marketing & added: “The future of outdoor programming has just taken a huge first step in not only providing a large television audience reasonable priced for producers but expanding that audience even farther into the web through the partnership with The number and variety of shows available will provide quality outdoor entertainment for the entire family when, where and how they want to watch it.”

Hunt Channel TV on will debut this summer. Watch for it right here!

For Programming and more information please contact: Rock Mann: – (334) 207-0984 cell. For more go to: