By: Shane Renard

The 2013 Wild Turkey season is around the corner and there are many tactics available to use for your upcoming turkey hunts.  Knowing your current terrain and tailoring your calling tactics for the birds in your area is a great start.  Box calls are great for the hills and windy days, for the more flat and calmer day’s diaphragm calls work well. You will need to find a diaphragm call to fit the form of your mouth and practice weeks before going out.

Every year, try to practice a new type of turkey call, like the (Kee-Kee call). Always expand on your calling tool box of vocalizing to the birds. Learn how the resident wild turkeys mostly vocalize on the ground and in the roost.  This can also give you a pivotal advantage for successfully bagging a bird quick out of the roost.

Decoy presentation also plays a big role in fooling the mature tom in thinking and approaching your set up.  Most birds will hang up around that 60-70yrd mark never committing. If you want them to commit to the set up, get a very realistic decoy a young tom or hens on the set up, and place it close to you off to the side so you’re not in sight. I like to run a two hen one young Jake with a red head set up accompanied with soft hen yelps in the hallows of the land and 100 yards away from two roost spots in the evenings.

Shane Renard’s favored decoy and ground blind setup.


I have had the pleasure of using a young Jake decoy that was stuffed by a local taxidermist. WOW, that worked well. The real feathers and the lighting reflecting the colors are amazing! There is a string attached that operates the tail fan to move up and down for more realistic feel.

On windy days pull out the box calls and try to get out of the wind on opposite hill sides and work the area slowly and be patient.  Call loud and often. But, don’t overdo it. Listen for shock calls from that old tom, wait him out. He will come looking for you!

If you are using a gun get a push call mounted on your shotgun, it’s worth the money for a virtually hands free operation.  Mount it to the fore grip area were you would pump the shotgun if it’s a pump. Know you can stay on the bird and not worry about making a yelp. Some people can’t operate a diaphragm call and these come in handy in this case.

Turkey Trooper  push call.

Good luck hunting turkey hunting and make memories.

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