My good friend Fred Lutger is a big fan of Tru-Fire releases and broadheads.  When I somehow lost my release on last year’s black bear bowhunt in Maine with Ben Pinkham of Sunset Ridge Outfitters we drove to the nearest big archery shop to replace it.

Buying a new release is a big deal to me. I’ve tried many different ones over the years of release aid evolution. I’ve got some horror stories too, but  I’ll limit them to the one that had a cord from the wrist strap to the release head. Sounded like a swell idea, frankly. In my first practice session that cord broke when I was 3/4 full draw. My arrow took off wildly and my hand rammed into my nose like a sledge hammer.

Afterward, when the subject of releases came up, driven by the memory of my bloody nose and bruises, I always mentioned this particular release as well as the company, but never recommended either.

OK, back to Maine and the archery store. As the sales guy ribbed me about loosing my release I scanned the dozens of release aids in the shop. The moment I saw the eye catching Tru-Fire logo I knew I’d be all right.

I looked them over as there are lots of different types. Fred had one with smaller calipers for string loop shooters, which we both are, and maybe you too. I picked out a Tru-Fire Hurricane with a Power Strap. It looked ready for bear.

We zipped back to Ben’s lodge and I got my Allen wrenches and my bow. After all, the distance between the strap and the release head has to right on and the trigger probably needed some adjusting. I took a shot. It felt great and the hit perfect.

I shot 20 more times and then shot at different yardages with great results so I put my Allen wrenches back in the box. Not needed. And that almost never happens. But that is a good thing.

I didn’t get a bear but that had nothing to do with my equipment. I’ve had excellent results with my Hurricane on deer and wild hogs.  It shoots extremely smooth. The padded strap is super and the Velcro adjustment design is easy to cinch up correctly. There is no Velcro scratch either, none. It is silent to draw.

These days, when the subject turns to “releases” I give a sincere recommendation for both the Tru-Fire company and the Hurricane Power Strap.

Check out their web site at

And their line of Hurricane Releases.