Help a Fellow Media Member in Need — Bob Humphrey

We in outdoor industry are more than just associates and friends who share a common love for the outdoors. We are a family. As such, we stick together not only in good times, but in bad, lending a helping hand to one another when a burden becomes too heavy to bear alone.

Bob Humphrey

One of our family, outdoor writer and photographer Bob Humphrey recently suffered a severe injury to his right eye. He has already been through two major eye surgeries and is facing one to three more in the immediate future. In addition to permanently impaired vision and potential loss of the eye, this accident has left Bob with a considerable and continually growing pile of medical expenses, while also significantly limiting his ability to work.

We are asking our family members in the outdoor industry to rally around Bob and his family – his wife, Jane and their two children – during this difficult time as he recovers from this debilitating injury.

Donations Directly to Humphrey Family

Those who would like to make a monetary donation to help defray Bob’s medical costs can do so by using the PayPal donation button below:

Product Donations for Humphrey Auction

We will also be organizing an online auction, the proceeds of which will go to help the Humphrey family in their time of need. If you would like to donate a product for the auction, please send product images, specifications, MSRP and contact information to the following address:

We truly appreciate your show of support for our friend in need.