By: Rick Philippi

Badlands has been active in the industry for over ten years. The company is exceptionally innovative and continually changing to meet the needs of today’s hunters. An additional advantage is that all Badland products are designed by hunters for hunters. They have spent many hours and days in the mountains and the woods to create hunting packs and accessories that will meet the challenging needs of today’s hunters and add a comfort that no other company has been able to match.

I like the diversification that Badlands has to offer. Let me explain. They have an abundance of pack styles to choose from. If you are a hunter that likes to travel with little gear, they have lightweight fanny and backpacks that will enable you to carry only your necessities. On the other hand, I am the type of hunter that likes to take everything with me. My rational is, I only get so many days in the woods and I want to make sure that I have everything that I may need. My son says I carry half of Cabela’s with me. Badlands has some very innovative packs for guys like me that like to carry the store with them in the field.

The pack that I use is the SACRIFICE; this beauty has 3,800 cubic inches of the best load carrying you will ever experience. What sold me on this pack are the 7 pockets and two large storage compartments. I love the storage space and I can categorize what I need while in the field. For example, all my equipment for field-dressing is kept in one pocket while game calls are in another, all my cameras and rangefinder and binoculars in another and the list goes on and on. I am very organized and I want to know exactly which compartment everything is in which makes it easy to find, especially when I need it.

This quality designed pack will also enable the hunter to carry a rifle or bow. The frame is heat hardened steel and made of ultra-lightweight fabric. This pack weighs a mere 4lbs 0oz. which is also what made me lean towards the Sacrifice. It will hold a 40# load easily while maintaining a comfortable carry. When I have the pack on it feels like my best pair of broken in shoes. On a scale of 10, it’s a 10 hands down.

Badlands has an unprecedented warranty. Get this, they don’t care what happened, or whose fault it was, they will fix it for free forever. They do not care if it was a pack given to you by a friend or if you purchased it from a garage sale. As long as the pack says Badlands it is covered 100%. That is service above and beyond!

BADLANDS has a pack to fit every person’s wants and needs. Their web-site is