By: Rick Philippi

In today’s environment, there are many choices in everything that we use. This especially is true in all the archery equipment available. I have always been from the school that I want to use what performs best and gives me the most confidence when that moment of truth presents itself. This is exactly why I shoot the arrows made by Carbon Express.

I have shot many brands of arrows from various manufactures in my life but when I made the move 12 years ago to shoot Carbon Express, I could sincerely see a difference. The biggest change in a nut shell that I noticed was my accuracy, especially when getting out to 40 to 60 yards. It was amazing how much tighter my groups had gotten. My confidence soared!

These three hogs fell to a well placed Carbon Express arrow.

I currently shoot the Maxima Hunter. This arrow has the added benefit of the Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology. This latest innovation manages flex, generating quicker spin and delivering the ultimate in precision. Carbon Express arrows also feature consistent spines to ensure tighter groupings at longer ranges.

It is a known fact that arrows with consistent spines will enable the archer to shoot tighter and precise groups at an increased distance. The Maxima Hunter is the fastest camouflage arrow in the Carbon Express line-up with precision design that delivers tighter tolerance than traditional carbon arrows.

Authors son Ricky took this Pope and Young buck with Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows.

Here is a list of features this arrow has to offer:

  • Dual Spine Weight Forward- rapid recovery and guidance control
  • Patented Buff Tuff, Plus carbon weave construction for excellent strength and durability
  • Buff Tuff, the world’s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish with mossy oak treestand pattern
  • Blazer vanes for added velocity or Fusion vanes for precision broadhead performance
  • BullDog nock collar for unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts
  • Straightness: +0.0025”
  • Weight tolerance: +1.0 grains
  • Spine selection tolerance: +0.0025

This tough buf was not match for a tougher Carbon Express Arrow.

In summary, I have taken over 230 animals with Carbon Express arrows over the years. Not one time did these arrows let me down. I think you could say I put them to the test. For more please go to: Carbon Express Arrows