Improve Your Food Plot Success



Improve your food plot success with Heartland Wildlife Institute’s New Soil Test Kit

The provider of the finest complete program for deer and wildlife management, Heartland Wildlife Institute, is pleased to introduce to their product line, a Soil Test Kit – a critical tool to successful food plot development.

Developing quality food plots is rewarding if done right, however, it can also be time consuming, frustrating, and costly if not done properly.  Poor pH levels can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your fertilizer.  At a pH level of 5.0, 53.67% of your fertilizer is wasted.

Improve your odds of successful food plot development with a quality soil test kit from Heartland Wildlife Institute.

The easy to use soil test kit contains everything you need to test pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash 10 times.  The kit provides fast results, and more importantly gives you the tools necessary for successful food plot development.

MSRP:  $19.95

About Heartland Wildlife Institute

Heartland Wildlife Institute, a long time leader in providing quality products to the wildlife industry, is committed to providing the finest, complete program of deer and wildlife management, as well as mineral and food plot supplementation, in order to improve overall quality and health of the deer and wildlife on your land. To find out more on this SOIL TEST KIT and our complete offerings visit us at:

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