Code Blue introduces 2 new Bear Magnet baits: Blueberry and Savory Bacon.

Bear Magnet Blueberry – all bears have a sweet tooth and absolutely love the taste of fresh blueberries.  This fruity formula creates the aroma of a fresh blueberry thicket at your bait site.  Bears have terrific noses and a great memory for where to find their favorite food.  One taste of Bear Magnet Blueberry is all it takes to start a feeding frenzy and keep them coming back for more.

Bear Magnet Savory Bacon attracts bears with the meaty taste of bacon cooked in the sizzling grease.  The sticky, greasy liquid pours like fresh grease from the frying pan and blends easily with bait site food.  Bear Magnet Savory Bacon is perfect for rejuvenating old bait and works as an excellent bait site starter.  The super charged formula lasts for days and helps keep bears near your site longer.

MSRP $9.99 (1 gallon)

In addition to Bear Magnet, Code Blue provides a full line of urines, attractants and personal scent management products.  Also, Code Blue has other Bear Attractents and for additional Code Blue Products go to, or call our customer line: 251-368-4089.