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By: Marc Anthony



It’s hard to believe deer season is over and turkey season is in play! Between seasons, we’ve managed to finish testing on some products good enough to be included into our Spring Hit List. We’ve tested so many products in the last 6 months, it’s hard to tell just how many we did! We did love the products that made our Hit List, and we are pleased to report them as top-notch. 

The Watson Airlock

Who would have thought a bag would make a Hit List? I personally eye balled this bag, that really doubles as luggage, for several reasons. First, it has airlock technology. For people like me who have to bag hunting clothing to keep it as scent free as possible, it’s a real treat. Second, I use it when I travel to give seminars or to visit trade shows. I like the fact that it has wheels and a retractable handle on it which makes it easy to transport. Given the size of the bag, the wheels are a welcome addition especially if you fill it to its capacity.

The pink version shown, supports breast cancer research and offers the ladies a bit of spice too!



When I’m finished hunting, I simply place my Ghillie suit in the bag and zip it up. It will extend the lifespan of my Carbon Synergy scent control which is permeated in my suit. The bag also features numerous pockets, a separate shoe or boot storage section, removable pouches that are great for carrying all of the little things you need for hunting! To read more, please visit Watson Airlock.


Barnett BCX Crossbow

The Barnett Buck Commander “BCXTREME” is another example why I like Barnett’s products so well. Barnett has been in the crossbow business for over 50 years and know the ins and outs of crossbow development. With over a half of century of R&D, rest assured the BCX is a well refined product capable of years of dependability and performance.

I’m not always a fan of large companies with multiple products but I am a fan of track records that reflect constant improvement and innovation. I believe nobody sleeps at Barnett because each year they have newer products and fresh ideas already on the drawing board. I had the opportunity to meet with David Barrnett this year, the president of the company, in which he showed me designs that bust through anything I’ve ever seen before in the crossbow world. I was equally glad I didn’t have to listen to mass marketing jargon designed to program key words into my vocabulary! David Barnett showed me where he’s taking the company with their ideas and prototypes.


The BCX will rocket bolts at 365 fps and weighs only 7.1 pounds! It’s carbon head transfers weight back the the shooter for better control and stabilization. Here’s the specs:

Barnett BCXtreme Ultralite Crossbow Features:

  • Finger Guard and Pass -Through Foregrip
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track
  • CNC Machined 7/8? Picatinny Rail
  • Custom Composite Laminated Limbs
  • Crosswire String and Cable System
  • Allows for the integration of a crank cocking Device
  • Finish – High Definition Camo

Barnett BCXtreme Ultralite Crossbow Specifications:

  • Draw Weight – 185 lbs
  • Foot Pounds of Energy – 118
  • Power Stroke – 13.375?
  • FPS – 365
  • Mass Weight – 7.1 lbs
  • Length – 35.5?
  • Width – 21.875?
  • String Length – 40.063?
  • Cable Length – 23.25?
  • Trigger Pull – 3.5
  • Arrow Length – 20?
  • Arrow Grain – 400

It comes with a scope and 4 bolts too! Read more about the BCX atBarnett.

Foodsaver Gamesaver Bronze G300

Each year I make several pounds of summer sausage and snack sticks, in addition to cutting select pieces of butterfly chops and roasts. We like to save the chops for the warmer months when we grill outside and will use the roasts for all sorts of things. I try to rotate my venison to keep it as fresh as I can but it seems inevitable that some of it gets freezer burnt anyway. So what luck, I got the chance to test the Foodsaver Gamesaver Bronze G300!

The unit comes with everything you need to vacuum seal any of your food items. The Gamesaver will also speed the process of marinading your meats in a fraction of the time by connecting it to the marinade accessory that is available online for an additional cost.


This unit offers a couple of different settings for loose and dry material. It also has a removable tray that captures fluids, that is dishwasher safe. The Gamesaver is unique to the other vacuum sealers FoodSaver makes because of the Mossy Oak Break Up camouflage appearance. It appears they were thinking of everything when they designed it to store vertically to save counter top space too!

This unit is a must if you hunt deer! Visit FoodSaver for more info!


Bench Master Rifle Rest

If you’re looking for an economical bench rest, the Bench Master is for you! The front rest swivels to track varmints or quickly adjusts side to side. It is made with quality powder coated steel construction and is rock solid. The swivel front sight is protected and the recoil pouch protects your firearm while providing extra recoil absorption. It’s also made here in the USA.



Here’s the specs:

  • Bench caddy shooting rest
  • Ergonomic fine adjustment knobs
  • Adjustable galvanized legs
  • 4 Different adjustments on this model
  • Front rest swivels for easy tracking.
  • All steel construction, powder coated
  • Genuine leather bag rest and butt stock pouch
  • Measures 24”W x 12”H x 6”D
  • Weighs 9 lbs


You could spend more on a rest but this will give you everything you could want in a rest and yet remain portable! It won’t corrode, it’s light and portable and easy to setup! Read more about them at Bench Master.


Monster Raxx

I had the opportunity to check out the Monster Raxx products at the ATA show this year. One thing that really stuck out was the attractants they had. Anyone who knows me will state that I’m not a big fan of cover scents, but when I opened the lid of Monster Raxx’s vanilla and apple attractant, I was really impressed. Now their scents aren’t supposed to be used as a cover scent, although someone may try to use them that way, but rather to be used as the title states; as an attractant. I’ve seen attractants come and go but this stuff is amazing! It’s so concentrated and real-like, I made sure we tested it.

Their attractants are oil based, which means they won’t wash off easily with water once applied to a tree, etc.  If you need to examine a particular buck near a trail camera, this attractant will hold them there long enough to capture a solid image even on a slower, less expensive trail camera.




One bottle of this stuff will most likely last a couple of seasons because it’s so concentrated. Some people even spray it on food plots! Monster Raxx also makes minerals and bear lures too! Check them out at Monster Raxx.


Muzzy Trocar

This is probably the most innovative fixed blade broadhead ever! This blade flies as well as a field tip because of its offset blades, something nobody has ever done before. They still have the traditional Muzzy quality that you would expect from a company that has been around for decades. The blades are .035 thick and are fastened with a set-screw. It’s a rock solid blade that flies like a dream and leaves amazing blood trails! What more can I say?


Read more about the Trocar at Muzzy.


Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

Lighted nocks have been around for sometime now and each have their own design unique to them. Some are brighter than others, some are easier to install and others are cheaper but at the end of the day, you just want them to work well.


I’ve tested many brands of lighted nocks and have found that many of them work quite well. I’ve also tested some nocks that were so expensive, you would have to mortgage your home for them! An ultra-expensive lighted nock is not something a person needs, especially if you plan on losing an arrow for whatever reason. So ultimately, you just need a lighted nock that’s dependable and cheap enough to purchase. That nock is Nockturnal.

I like the nocturnal because it’s a self contained unit that doesn’t need anything outside of what it already has, to operate. The nock is activated by a small button that is installed inside the string groove when the bow is fired. It will stay lit until you retrieve the arrow and shut the nock off. The nock is deactivated by inserting a small pin-like object into the slot which is on the side of the nock, and pushed until the light is turned off.

They sell Nockturnals in packs of three and the come in 4 different colors. Visit them at Nockturnal for more information.


Polaris Ranger 900

Polaris made many changes to the Ranger this year and every one of them were excellent!



The new Ranger is quieter, rides better and steers even better than its predecessor. I was pleasantly surprised after starting it up for the first time to hear how quiet it was. The noise reduction was a result of Polaris moving the engine location. The suspension was completely redesigned which is the reason it rides so smoothly.

I used my test unit for all sorts of heavy duty farm-type work. The dump bed is a dream to have and the hitch receiver was greatly appreciated when I hooked my disks up, to plow a few acres in preparation for a food plot. I had so much reserve power left over, it wasn’t even close to its maximum capacity.

I’ve tested many different brands but it’s the Polaris I keep coming back to! Visit them at Polaris to check the Ranger out or any other product they offer.


Covert Black 60

Each year we test more and more trail cameras. One thing for sure; they’re getting better each year!

Our latest Hit List nominee is the Covert Black 60. We like this camera primarily because it will do nearly everything the best cameras will do but will do it with the “black” technology. That translates into no flash and no visible glow during the shot. Deer are smart and they know something’s up when they stare at a light on a trail camera! With the Covert Black 60, you get great reaction times, video with sound and a 60 + ft. of infrared flash range for less than half of the most expensive camera on the market.


Technical Specs:

  • 12 MP Color CMOS = 3-5-8-12 MP photo resolutions
  • 1.2 Second Trigger Speed with intervals set from 1sec to 60 min
  • Photo bursts 1-3 images
  • Date/Time/Temp and Moon Phase stamp
  • Built in color viewer
  • 60 ft invisible infrared flash range
  • Takes pictures and video
  • HD Video with sound!
  • Password protection
  • Overwrite Selection ( if selected will overwrite oldest photo on SD card with newest photo after card is filled to capacity)
  • Operates on 4,8 or 12 AA batteries.
  • Rated for up to a 32GB SD card.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Check the new Covert Black 60 out on the Covert website.


Trophy Ridge React 

The TR React is probably the most interesting sight I have ever laid my hands on. Because it’s tool-less, you can make fine adjustments on the fly! Another neat bit of technology is utilized in this sight with the ability to set 2 pins, which will then automatically set the farther distance pins with no additional calibrating! Add the fact that it’s lightweight and you’ll have yourself a real winner! Here’s a summation from Trophy Ridge’s website:

“ This is the new Trophy Ridge React sight with Smart Pin Technology, a revolutionary, tool-less sight system that once calibrated at 20 and 30 yards, makes your 40, 50, and 60 yard pins mathematically impossible to be inaccurate. Perfect precision. Season after season. In less than 10 minutes. It’s not just another bow sight. It’s a true innovation in a world of status quo”.

Read more about the React at Trophy Ridge.


Bear Empire

Not everyone wants to purchase the flagship bow from a company that manufactures bows, but nevertheless they do want features and shooting characteristics of the higher end bows! The Bear Empire is that bow.


The Bear Empire was a treat to test. It shot so smooth and shock-free, I had it out of the box and setup within minutes. The very next day I shot a beautiful buck with it. It felt so comfortable and natural, it seemed like I had been shooting it for months.

The Empire has the perfect blend of speed and forgiveness! It’s absolutely quiet and a dream to shoot. Bear’s newest lineup, I believe, is their best group of bows ever developed by them.

If you’re looking for a top notch bow that is fast, forgiving and a treat to shoot, look at the Empire! You won’t regret it. See the Empire at the Bear website for more information.


Groundhog Max

This is a perfect tool for those of you who want to plant a food plot. There are so many good things to say about the Groundhog Max, I don’t know where to begin!

Let’s start with convenience. It’s lightweight, easy to install, doesn’t need weights added to it, inexpensive, great for tight spaces and only takes one man to use! This unit uses the weight of your ATV to till and disc soil to perfection.


A disc setup of an inner 10 inch, 9 inch, 8 inch notched disc with high speed bearings allows you to cut hard ground, grass, and ground clutter better. This plow does as good or better as any other if you have rocky conditions. The plow is half as wide but you can plow twice as fast (4-7 mph). Use looping circles and figure eights. For maneuverability it will plow in reverse.

Here’s its features in a nutshell:

  • Weighs 46 lbs with a cutting width of 21?… half as wide as a pull behind but twice as fast. No need to add extra weight
  • ATV and rider’s weight force disc into the ground with up to 800+ lb. of plowing down force. More down-force, less steel equals an aggressive cut
  • Use in 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive… use 4-wheel drive for more aggressive cuts
  • Use with independent rear suspension or straight axle setups
  • Graduated notched discs plow faster and penetrates deeper
  • Fully assembled plow with easy to replace bearings
  • Adjustable height control, 1? increments
  • Trailer not required… transport with no hassle
  • Plow in looping circles and figure eights for best results
  • Allows the use of reverse with plow engaged (on most units) for small, tight places.

Check them out at Groundhog Max!