Tink’s now offers a bear attractant – the Hot Shot Glazed Donut Bear Mist – for bear hunters, bow or gun.

Bears have grown to love human food, and many will come running to the smell of it. So Tink’s created the irresistible smell of glazed donuts in a can, to lure in bears. Be warned though, this smell is so realistic it might even make you hungry.

Just like the new Hot Shot #69 Doe-In-Rut Mist and the new Trophy Buck Mist, the Hot Shot Glazed Donut Bear Mist comes in a spray can with an internal bag system that separates the lure from the pressurizing agent, so all you get is 100 percent, pure lure dispersal. The cab design also allows the entire product to be dispersed, giving you the full 3 ounces of attractant.

Tink’s recognizes that when bear hunting, your movements and position might be limited, so the can will spray at any angle, even upside down, and will provide a powerful, fine mist of attractant. It won’t spit or hiss, either. This Hot Shot can will supply a continuous stream of glazed donut smell quietly, so as not to spook the bears.

For your next bear hunt, grab a can of Tink’s Hot Shot Glazed Donut Bear Mist and feel free to “feed” the bears this sweet-smelling attractant.

For 40 years, Tink’s has made No. 1 buck lure, Tink’s 69, along with an array of other scent attractants, odor eliminators and scent dispersal accessories.

For more information, check out www.tinks.com.