Fellow Outdoor Enthusiasts,

We’ve come up with a quick and easy modification for the SLIP System Turkey Decoy. Using a simple curtain grommet, you can quickly make a detachable tail fan, adding an extra element of realism to your decoy. The “recipe” for this easy modification can be found in the following video article: SLIP System Turkey Decoy with Tail Fan.

I was able to field test this unit on Sunday, and we were able to get my Son his first Turkey, a big, heavy Rio with a 9 inch beard and a single one inch spur on the right leg.

You can read about the hunt here and watch the video: William’s First Turkey.

The beauty of the SLIP System, is the ability to change the cover to a Moo cow, Camo, etc. if the birds are being decoy shy later in the Season. A lot of possiblities with this great, versatile stalking blind.

You can see all our decoys and products, videos, blog and more from the following link: www.elkmtngear.com

I want to wish all of you the best of luck in the turkey woods this Season!

Best Wishes,

Jeff Ervin
Owner, Elk Mountain Gear