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On my recent most bowhunt at the Hammer Hole I saw a big 6 foot long black boar in bow range but limbs were in the way. Plus, I saw a different boar that was totally huge, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen.

So, on our work party day Collin Cottrell and I drug a tripod into the thick ceder trees — just past where I saw both monster boars. Once the tripod was situated I climbed up, sat down and took a look around.

Plenty of limbs, large and small were obstructing shot my possibilities. So Collin manned the Pole Trimmer and I pointed out what limbs, and how much of them, needed trimmed off.

When we were done I set up a Spypoint trail camera where it could take pictures where my shooting windows were.

To give you a ground level look in front of the tripod, here is wider angle picture. Several year’s old hog and deer trails are in this immediate area. But mainly my best shots are to the left and in front of the tripod.

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