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By: Frank Addington, Jr

I’m hooked. I’m the first one to admit that I absolutely love Texas. Having been on stage for almost 30 years this year, I’ve been blessed to see most of this great land. I’ve had publicity photos taken on top of the famous Cow Palace in San Francisco, did a show at Tavern on the Green in New York City, and performed in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Denver, Co. Wyoming, Montana and the two Dakota’s are beautiful, so is that Nebraska grass land and Dick and Carol Mauch’s wonderful Plum Creek Ranch. I’ve seen some beautiful country. But I always come back to Texas when someone asks me my favorite place.

On May 3rd I was back in South Texas performing at Cowboy Fellowship in Pleasanton, Texas. What a special place! It’s a cowboy church and they featured cowboy gospel music with a top notch western band and great singing. I was honored to do be asked to do a show and share my story with them.

Several south Texas friends made the show and I was happy to see them. Pastor Pete Pawelek was my assistant for the show and we had a great time. After the baby aspirin shot I also shot a smaller tablet from mid air, an 81 MG aspirin which is smaller than the baby aspirin. I also did the now famous mustard seed shot and referenced Mathew 17:20 when I did it. I shared my story with the audience and spoke of how God gives us all talent, mine happened to be 20/8 vision which allows me to see the tiny objects so well.

Texas legend Roy Hindes aka “Lil Roy”.

I had a fascinating place to stay while in town, at the Hindes Ranch. Lil Roy Hindes is a legend in Texas deer hunting circles for his tracking dogs which have recovered many wounded deer in that thick Texas brush. I knew Big Roy, Roy’s dad, and he’s a chip off the old block. They are fine people. I enjoyed looking around their ranch with Roy and hearing stories about his dogs. Most of the big ranches that feature deer hunting in So Texas know lil Roy. He has recovered alot of deer for folks there for many years now. Roy and his wife Pam are great people and wonderful hosts.

The brush country of So Texas is thick, harsh and rugged. I’ve often said everything down there will bite you, stab you or stick you. Beyond the harshness is a beauty if you look close enough. A bloom on a cactus. A trophy whitetail buck. You have to look hard but the beauty is there.

The preaching at the Cowboy Fellowship is great and so is the music. You can watch if you visit their Church website, simply go to: Cowboy Fellowship

My hosts Pam and Lil Roy Hindes.

My Hoyt bow and I cover alot of miles in a year’s time. It was great to be doing shows in Texas again and see some old friends and make new ones. My green net is 28 years old this year and is the one part of my show that’s been with me since the beginning.

I’ve got a busy summer of shows lined up. Hopefully you can catch one of my exhibitions near you! I’ll try and get a list of our July appearances in my next column. July, August, September and October will be busy months. I hope you have a great Spring and that you had a chance to turkey hunt. I have not. I am thinking of my friends Dave and Janet Lockman in Wyoming at the Celebrity One Shot hunt, and I saw that my friend Carol Mauch got a fine Nebraska Gobbler with her bow already. I didn’t get to hunt this Spring but perhaps next year…sigh. So it goes for a traveling showman.

Until next time, Adios & God Bless you.

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