The Burt Coyote Company, maker of Lumenok today’s most popular Lighted Nock, announced they would be now offering their popular Lumen Arrows in a convenient 3-Pack.

Marketing Manager Jim Crane made the announcement; “Here at Burt Coyote we have conducted a great deal of research into arrows and arrow shafts since 1998 and have concluded that there is large difference in the quality, flight characteristics, accuracy and durability of the various makes on the market. As a result, we have decided to offer only, what we feel are the top premium arrows which take some of the variables out of why certain arrows do not fly as well as others.”

Crane continued; “Our Lumen-Arrows are meticulously manufactured to exacting specifications from 100% pure carbon for durability and strength. Each shaft is spine aligned to the fletching, thereby ensuring consistent arrow flight. The nock end of the shaft is also hand squared to increase arrow flight accuracy. Lumen-Arrows are available with red, green or pink Signature Lumenoks and offered in three sizes: 45/60 (8.1 gpi, 400 spine); 60/75 (8.8 gpi, 350 spine) and 75/90 (9.9 gpi, 300 spine) to fit all archery needs.”

Precision made arrows to ensure the best possible arrow flight and then fitted with the Brightest Lighted Nocks available so you always know exactly where your arrow goes.

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