Lakewood Products, maker of hunting, fishing and outdoor specialty cases is a Division of Midwest Textile Manufacturing Corporation and the leader in hunting and fishing protective cases. Lakewood Products is expanding its line of their Elite Bowfile bow cases with the new Lady Elite Bowfile available in True Timber’s XD pink camouflage, in recognition of breast cancer awareness.

“The XD pink camo caught the eye of many dealers, shooters and bowhunters at this year’s ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky.”  Steve Wagnitz, Lakewood’s owner said, “Our new XD pink camo Lady Elite Bowfile case is now in demand by tournament shooters and lady bowhunters around the globe.”  The Lady Elite Bowfile case is now easier to carry and handle with an 18 percent reduction in overall weight.

The Lady Elite Bowfile bow case comes with an arrow and accessory cases.

The Lady Elite Bowfile’s unique drop in design allows the hunter to open the case and place his or her bow inside, field ready with quiver (loaded with arrows) still attached to the bow.  The Lady Elite Bowfile’s revolutionary carrying system eliminates fumbling for your gear in the dark.  Just lift the bow from the case and head to your stand.  There’s no time wasted attaching a quiver to the bow or loading arrows onto the quiver.  The no nonsense case is sturdy, compact, and will easily accept Lakewood’s C-255 arrow case and C-215 accessory case making the trio a handy combo hunting travel package.

The Lady Elite Bowfile’s unique drop in design. You can insert your bow with the bowquiver on.

The new Lady Elite Bowfile case is made of high strength ABS, so sturdy you can stand on it.  The Elite Bowfile and Lady Elite Bowfile’s interior is foam lined to protect your precious cargo and accessories.  The case exterior is lined with ballistic nylon for good looks and to protect your SUV’s interior.  Both Elite Bowfile bow cases sport exterior D-rings for easy carrying with an included carrying strap.  The D-rings can also be used to tie down the Bowfile for secured transport.

Lakewood Products Elite Bowfile bowcases are AIRLINE APPROVED!

The new Elite and Lady Elite Bowfile bowcases, providing the ultimate in bow and accessory protection, are airline approved.   All Lakewood products are proudly made in the USA.

For more information on the new Elite Bowfile or Lady Elite Bowfile drop in cases or any of Lakewood’s fine protective cases, visit their website, or call them at 800-872-8458.