At this year’s ATA Archery Trade Show I noticed that Cass Creek had an iPhone app with over 20 different game calls. I immediately logged into the Apple App Store and did a search for “Cass Creek”. It came up right away and I clicked “Install App” and the app installed in seconds.

So I tapped on it and was presented with a colorful screen that had the Cass Creek Electronic Game Calls and Menu bars saying Animal Species and Favorites. I clicked on Animal Species.

The Animal Species screen listed Deer Calls, Canadian Goose Calls, Predator Calls, Snow Goose Calls and Specialty Calls. The button for Specialty Calls took me a listing of: Loon, Elk, Moose, Turkey and Duck. I played all 21 calls and they did indeed sound great. (Afterward, I read the information about the app and learned why they sounded so good, they were actual digital recordings of animals making the sounds.)

The quality and realistic sounds of the calls was impressive.

I remembered reading, in years past, that using electronic callis was illegal in my state. I paged through this year’s state game regulations and also Googled up the information. Surprise, it was now legal for everything except migratory game birds.

I wanted to give it a try.

First I went to an area I regularly hear coyotes howling late in the day. But nothing happened, however I felt that all I needed was more volume to reach out enough so the coyotes could hear the call. I have a speaker that plugs into my iPhone and the next afternoon returned to the same place. I waited for things to settle down and hooked my iPhone up to the speaker, selected the Cottontail Distress sound and turned it on. The sound was much louder. I let it play for a little bit and changed the sound to Coyote Howl.

Seconds later I had coyotes howling and yelping to both the south west and north of me.

I turned it off. I didn’t expect such an instant reaction and I didn’t bring my bow with me. But the next afternoon I had it and got in a tripod stand to see what would happen. When I called with the Coyote Howl this time I heard a coyote howling and yelping.

After half a dozen howl calls, I switched to the Cottontail Distress call. The coyote shut up and I wondered whether I had run it off or if it was on the way. I got my answer in a couple of minutes.

Movement in the trees 80 yards away caught my attention. It was a coyote and he was coming toward me  at a steady pace. He was still in the trees when he came into in bow range. I drew and held on a small opening ahead of the coyote.

He stopped in the opening, only 15 yards from me. I already had my pin on him and released. Unbelievably, he dodged my arrow. And raced into the brush.

A few days later I plugged my phone into my truck’s USB and called through my truck’s radio. Four coyotes came up together and walked around the immediate area.

No doubt about it, the Cass Creek Game Call iPhone App was a winner.

On the Cass Creek web site ( I saw that they have Remote Speakers that the iPhone will hook up too. I definitely plan to pick up one of these, they look much more sturdy that my flimsy home speakers.

Test Your Calling Ability

The Cass Creek Game Call iPhone App is set up so you can test  your calling ability. Compare your call to the actual animal sound and see your score. You can’t get more real than Cass Creek!

Also, a fun thing you can do is make the call of your choice a Ring Tone on your iPhone.

At the Cass Creek web site you can learn more about the The Cass Creek Game Call iPhone App and check out other Cass Creek digital calls (go to