During last Fall’s deer season, the morning and afternoon hunts with web site work worked in during the day as well as at night, started getting to me. Some days I felt very tired. So my wife came home with a bottle of a popular brand of multi-vitamins and wanted me to take them. So I did.

At the end of the month I definitely felt a change in my energy level and overall good feeling. And it wasn’t positive. I felt out of gas all the time. I took the rest of the pills in the bottle with no change and I didn’t get any more.

Then in January at the ATA Archery Trade Show, while visiting at the Robinson Outdoors Scent Blocker booth I noticed they had the Sportsmen’s Edge vitamins as well as a couple of new items.

The info about the vitamin read; “This one Nutritional Supplement will Eliminate your need for a daily high potency supplement by providing all the vitamins, minerals and herbs needed and recommended by the American Medical Association for a healthy adult.”

And according to scientific research the following were enhanced by the Sportsmen’s Edge multi-vitamin.

More Energy and Stamina, improved low light Vision, better Hearing, better Immune Function, increased tolerance to cold, improved Concentration and Circulation, increased tolerance to high altitudes, And even more…

I decided to give it a try.

Sportsmen’s Edge Multi-Vitamin

A week after I received the Sportsmen’s Edge multi-vitamins I noticed that I definitely had more energy. After finishing off a bottle of 60 tablets I found that I woke up more alert than usual. I was ready to get going instead of waiting for the sleep fog to lift. And my vision, without my glasses, was clearer, even clear enough to read the weather and articles on my iPhone. In short, I felt better when I took these multi-vitamins.

BodyShield Deodorant Pill

Advertised as an effective aid in controlling human scent. It Eliminates odor utilizing Chlorophyllin Copper Complex and Controls mouth odors with a high potency Parsley and Alfalfa powder. Chlorophyll is a safe, effective internal deodorant for reducing body odors. The addition of Alfalfa and Parsey helps control mouth and breath odors.

Hunting during wild turkey season was a great time to put this product to the test. The area I hunt in has wild turkey, whitetail deer, wild hogs and predators. And it is common to see deer when I’m out hunting gobblers.  To make it an even better test I was hunting from a pop up ground blind.

To test the Body Shield Deodorant Pills I skipped taking showers before many of the turkey hunts.

The bottom line, deer walked through my area many times, straight down wind, within easy bow range, and none of them caught my scent and spooked. It was truly amazing.

 Scent Shield Breath Gum

Something that gets a lot of hunters busted is their breath. Smells like pancakes with syrup, pizza, fried foods and most other foods we eat during the day linger on your breath. Chewing this breath gum not only tasted good but made my mouth feel fresh and odor free.  I feel it was a plus in my efforts to keep my scent low enough to be non threatening.

Scent Shield Breath Gum is a unique combination of oxygenating compounds and natural anti-micorbials that reduce breath odor at the point of contact. Zinc Gluconate is powerful and destroys mouth bacteria and zaps breath odor. Chlorophyllin neutralizes breath odor. The gun tastes great and leaves no scent in the mouth.

All three of these products work well and helped me keep my scent so low that it was unthreatening to whitetail deer.

For more about Scent Blocker scent control products visit the web site of Robinson Outdoors.