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By: Jason Hebert

The BOOM! of my shotgun interrupted the otherwise calm spring hayfield. Turkeys scattered, feathers flew and the end result was a fat spring tom lying in the damp, un-mowed grass.

Spring turkey hunting is an age-old ritual and with all of their new innovations sprinkled with a bit of creativity, ScentBlocker gear is now a standard in the spring turkey woods.

Recon Gear
ScentBlocker’s Recon gear is perfect for the use and abuse that a dedicated turkey season of runnin’ and gunnin’ can present. Recon’s patented Ripstop fabric is created to bust brush, deflect thorns and keep the hunter protected through Mother Nature’s worst. We all know that turkeys don’t always follow the easiest route and in order to keep up with them, we need gear that can handle it.

Recon gear also has S3® silver antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the growth of bacteria on skin and helps reduce human odor. Available in pants, shirt, jacket, and Spider Web bib, with today’s best camo patterns such as Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, Realtree Xtra, Realtree AP, there’s a Recon set for every spring ridge runner and fall archer.

Thunder Chicken
New for 2013 is ScentBlocker’s Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest. Created with help from Mr. Bone Collector, Michael Waddell, this turkey vest has it all. With perfect pockets everywhere, sixteen to be precise, quiet gear storage is no longer a concern. Many turkey vests offer a few large pockets, causing gear to bump and bang, ruining an otherwise stealthy stalk. The Thunder Chicken has several pockets created specifically for necessary items including various types of calls. From diaphragm to box call, from water bottle to bug spray to decoy, if you have a need, there’s a place for it in the Thunder Chicken.

Thinking of everything, there is even a huge, padded fold down seat with water resistant PVC rubber on the bottom for a solid sit and padding in the back and on shoulders make this vest also very comfortable. Used for a mid-day nap or every so patiently calling in that reluctant gobbler, the Thunder Chicken will ensure a comfy sit up against that old oak tree.

Once the bird is down, a huge bright orange flag folds out of its back pocket to ensure a safe walk back to the truck.

The Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest is made with padded shoulder straps with D-ring gear loops for extra comfort and convenience. The strategically placed back padding and upper back mesh panel provide increased breathability while the adjustable straps with YKK buckles allows the wearer the ability to find their perfect fit.

It’s everything a turkey hunter needs. And then some.

Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest

  • NEW ScentBlocker® Trinity™ Technology — Patent Pending
  • BoneCollector™ branding
  • Chest strap
  • Loop at the back neck for hanging when not in use
  • 2 YKK buckle center front closure
  • 2 box call pockets
  • 4 zippered slash pockets
  • 8 diaphragm pockets
  • 2 large fold-down “table” pockets with a variety of extra pockets within
  • Stain resistant game bag
  • Blaze safety flag
  • Detachable contoured large seat cushion with combination foam cushion for ultimate comfort
  • Seat features water resistant bottom with PVC gripping material
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Inner pockets and organizational panel
  • Colors: RealTree® Xtra™ Green
  • Sizes: M–2XL

BOA 17’ Knee Boots
Created for elusive scent free deer hunting, the BOA knee boot is a perfect dual-purpose turkey hunting boot as well. Completely waterproof with Sympatex treatment and insulated with wool, the knee boot rides high and cinches tight to the hunters leg, keeping the foot and lower leg warm and dry. This boot is so lightweight, it feels like there’s nothing there. But when duty calls, the BOA knee boot can man up to the nastiest brush and briars, torrential downpours and even late spring snow. Once again, completely odor adsorptive for scent free hunting, available in Mossy Oak Treestand, this boot is for spring and fall hunters.

Scent Free Turkey Hunting?
Did you know? Don’t let that buck bust your bird! A startled deer can ruin an otherwise “Gimmie” turkey hunt. Many times each spring, turkeys and deer will feed together. Regardless of the time of year, game animals are on high alert when they smell a human. Don’t risk losing a chance at that sharp-spurred longbeard by having the deer panic and clear the fields. Continue a strict scent free regimen this spring as well.

Get more value by using dual-purpose gear like the new ScentBlocker 1.5 Performance Shirt and NTS garments. The 1.5 Performance Shirt possesses revolutionary new technologies. Never before has there been a shirt so lightweight, temperature regulating, odor adsorptive, and plain, straight up comfortable. With Trinity scent control technology, S3 silver antimicrobial treatment which inhibits odor causing bacteria reducing human scent, 4Direction stretch fabric, and Microwick, this truly represents ScentBlocker’s best all wrapped into one.

1.5 Performance Long-Sleeve Shirt

  • NEW ScentBlocker Trinity™ Technology. (Patent Pending)
  • First of its kind! Full ScentBlocker technology in a shirt! Provides an extremely lightweight and breathable product.
  • Great for layering with ScentBlocker System Layer 2 and 3 garments
  • S3® antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
  • 4 Direction Stretch™ comfort
  • Microwick™ technology moves moisture away from the body
  • Crew neck style shirt
  • Thumbholes for easy layering
  • System Layer 1
  • Colors: RealTree® Xtra™, Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity™
  • Sizes: M-2XL

Similar to ScentBlocker’s new 1.5 Performance Shirt, the NTS (Next To Skin) series will also serve a dual purpose for the dedicated hunter. The NTS can be worn alone or as System Layer 1. With a 1/4 zip collar, thumbhole sleeves for layering, and soft polyester fabric, and available in Realtree Xtra or Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, the NTS long sleeve shirt will look deadly in the woods. Having all of the features of the NTS shirt, the pant is also available in those top camo patterns, with an elastic waistband, it will be as comfortable as it is lethal.

Another bonus to scent free spring turkey hunting is that chance at a predator or two. It never fails, each spring we almost always call in a hungry coyote to our turkey decoy spread. Most dedicated deer and turkey hunters will try to save a few turkeys and fawns and jump at the chance to take a predator or two out of the local pack. Be sure to check local laws to make sure predator hunting is legal in spring and also to confirm if a specific license is needed.

Not Just For Fall Anymore
Being driven innovation, and influenced by customer-based feedback, ScentBlocker continues to lead the hunting apparel industry. Not only is there specific gear being created for turkey hunters, much of ScentBlocker’s fall gear is also handy in the spring turkey woods. Whether it’s antler or spur remember, ScentBlocker – Nothing Gets You Closer™.

If you want to make the most of your hunting then you must go to: Robinson Outdoor Products because Nothing Gets You Closer.