Pine Ridge Archery is proud to introduce the Star Drive Wrench Set (Cat. No. 2526) for use on the increasingly popular Torx™ head or “star head” bolts and screws that are found on popular bows and sights. Most notably are their use on PSE, Elite and Strothers bows.


The Star Drive Wrench, like all of the Pine Ridge Archery “Yellow” wrenches, features a heavy duty one piece construction with a slip resistant finish and custom bolt and nut assembly – no more loose tools.

This set is Made in the U.S.A., offers a lifetime warranty and has top notch quality with 8650 industrial strength chrome vanadium tool steel to be 40% stronger than steel and will not rust or corrode. The Star Drive Wrench is made to be tough enough to handle your hardest jobs.

Limited Lifetime Warranty not to strip out or round off the corners!

Sizes include: T9 – T10 – T15 – T20 – T25 – T27 – T30 – T40
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