Stop Accidental Deployed Expandables Or Dull Broadheads With The TightSpot

TightSpot Quivers, manufacturer of the most versatile premium bowquivers, introduces a new cup insert. TightSpot quivers have been recognized as a leader in bowquiver manufacturing for their strength, adjustability, arrow holding capabilities, and for being dead quiet. Tightspot bowquivers, when placed in the right position, act more like a stabilizer than a quiver. The quivers can be mounted in tight to the bow’s riser for better bow balance and reduce bow torque at the moment of the shot. This translates into better accuracy.

Tightspot’s new foam free insert means no more dull broadheads or accidental deployed expandable broadheads. Tightspot bowquivers will hold arrows so secure, there is no longer a need for a thick foam insert to bury your broadheads. Now, the new foam free insert allows expandable tips to be placed in the designated broadhead slots preventing accidental deployment of the blades inside the quiver hood, and will also prevent fixed blade broadheads from dulling in the quiver. The foam free insert features a soft rubber lip, covering the bottom edge of the quiver hood, should a broadhead make contact with the hood it remains silent. Tightspot’s foam free hood insert will outlast the traditional foam insert, 10 to 1!

TightSpot Quivers are available in ten different hood color and camo options including, the new Realtree Xtra pattern and AP Snow. And, as always, TightSpot Quivers are proudly made in the U.S.A. For more information on Tightspot quivers, their “Ironclad Guarantee”, please visit them, contact TightSpot at 406-388-2546 or follow them on Facebook.