Meet your hunting and bowhunting Facebook Friends and Fans at the Hunters On Facebook Meet-Up presented by

Thanks to the support from Pam Nagle of the Shreveport Outdoor Hunters Expo we are having the Hunters On Facebook Meet-Up at the Expo. If you are on Facebook you know that there are many thousands of hunters and bowhunters on Facebook with you. There has never been anything like it.

If you are like me and my hunting buddies, you enjoy meeting people that are your Facebook Friends and Fans. And that is just what this event is all about, the opportunity for you to meet other Facebook folks face to face.

The Expo has provided space for us to meet up during the July, 26, 27 and 28 Shreveport Outdoor Hunters Expo. Look for times, the location and more information right here.

This event is Hosted By:

Robert Hoague, Rich Walton, Collin Cottrell, Brandon Wikman and Pam Nagle.

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