We are proud to introduce Flying Arrow Archery and their exciting, innovative and devastating Toxic Broadhead as the newest archery company to join the growing bowhunting.net family.


Chris Rager – Founder

Flying Arrow Archery was founded by Chris Rager, the previous owner of  Trophy Ridge/Rocket Aeroheads, sold in 2007. Not satisfied with current broadhead designs, he wanted to engineer a tough broadhead that would  fly straight and create the most hemorrhage to harvest an animal as quickly and humanely as possible.


While being partial to fixed blade broadheads because of their resilience and low profile, Chris also liked mechanical broadheads because of their flight characteristics and wound channel. Setting to work, Chris spent nearly three years developing and rigorously testing his concept that would combine the attributes of both Fixed and Mechanical broadheads. The result was a true coring broadhead with no moving parts or O-Rings but one that eliminated the problems of past coring type heads. The innovative ‘Toxic’ Broadhead weighs 100 grains and features multiple replaceable blades that are razor sharp and taper from front to back dramatically increasing penetration.


The ‘Toxic” Broadhead  flies as straight and quiet as a field point with reduced wind drag and the increased penetration every bowhunter looks for in a broadhead.  The ‘Toxic’ is also low profile to reduce the chance of making contact with bone, has an incredible  4.7”  of cutting surface and does it all with has no moving parts, set screws, clips, O-rings or rubber bands.

for video: CLICK HERE