The GameChanger Hit List personalized six-image roll allows users to create targets from field photos; the Pin-Up Backstop Series provides a more economical option for target practice.

From:  Kristina Negas, DPR Group

GC Archery, a developer of innovative, game-changing sporting equipment, today unveiled two new products for 2013– The GameChanger “Hit List” and The “Pin-Up” Backstop Series. GC Archery’s flagship product, The GameChanger Rotating Archery Target System, is a personal range target that simulates a realistic hunting experience with high-definition six-image rolls of wild game animals in their natural habitats.

The Hit List, now available for the GameChanger Original Archery System, allows users to create personalized targets from their own field photos. GC Archery’s customer service team can assist with file sizes and image sharing information in order to create an image roll of bowhunters’ favorite field photos. The Hit List is perfect for use on outfitters’ dial-in ranges.

Also new for 2013 is The Pin-Up Backstop Series and Pin-Up Single Image Targets. The Pin-Up Backstop Series comes in the large, original-sized units, or more portable-sized units, each with the same backstop stopping-power as the GameChanger Original and Snapshot. Users can select from a wide selection of Pin-Up Single Image Targets (with their choice of Vitals or ASA Universal Scoring Rings), and attach the targets with the Pin-Up Backstop Series’ ball bungee attachment system. The Pin-Up Single Image Targets are single, high-definition color image targets with corner grommets, constructed from the same durable material as GC Archery’s six-roll image targets. These new offerings give archery enthusiasts more economical options to the GameChanger Original or SnapShot Rotating Archery Target.


Pin-Up Single Image Targets

Russ Mason III, president of GC Archery, said, “Due to the receptiveness of The GameChanger throughout the past year, GC Archery has continued to expand our line of GameChanger products to provide bowhunters with even more ways to experience the thrill of the hunt in their own backyards. The Hit List allows for a new kind of target personalization, while the Pin-Up gives users a more cost-effective alternative to the original, six-image GameChanger.”

Unlike any personal range target on the market, The GameChanger features a specialized, layered foam compression structure and a series of high-definition image rolls of wild game animals indexed across the face of the system so that hunters can quickly change from one target to the next. Printed with ultraviolet-resistant ink on reinforced, waterproof vinyl material, images can be hit hundreds of times before needing to be replaced.

The GameChanger and line of GameChanger products are available for purchase at, or by calling (910) 323-5311.

About GC Archery™
GC Archery™ seeks to change the game of outdoor sports by creating exciting products for today’s sportsmen. Drawing from decades as outdoor enthusiasts, GC Archery more accurately recreates wild game hunts and other shooting activities to immerse participants in lifelike scenarios. The company’s premiere product, The GameChanger™ Archery Target System, combines technology and innovation in a highly durable bowhunting target system featuring high-definition graphics of wild game from across the globe. GC Archery is headquartered in Fayetteville, N.C. For more information, visit or call (910) 323-5311.