Have you ever wished you were capable of having the hourly weather report, real-time barometric pressure, current lunar phase, wind speed and wind direction incorporated on a digital aerial map with current GPS location? What about all of that information in one place, updated on the fly, auto-collected, recorded and stored from every trip?

Pink Ops by Just For Does. A hunting app designed by women for the woman hunter. Photo: 2013 Life in Camo

Do you think that is asking too much? It was, until PINK OPS by Just For Does was released. A program designed by women with the woman hunter in mind.

Now it is possible to possess everything you need in one place, on one device with the feature of keeping field notes, GPS waypoints for stands and other important areas; as well as game camera and harvest photos. All the important information integrated into your choice of a hunting Topo, aerial or satellite map. Imagine being able to customize your marked GPS waypoints with the information that matters. Viewing the exact location of a stand with scraps, rubs, trails and other important information and having real-time wind speed and direction available to you before you set out for your day’s hunt.

Having the tools available to record vital information in one location and using that knowledge in your strategy to plan your hunt will result in more successful hunts. Not only does this app take a photo and saves the image in the photo journal, the app logs your image with date, time, GPS location, weather data, Barometric pressure, and lunar phase for the moment you snap the photo. You can conveniently share the photo on Facebook right from the photo journal. For privacy, sharing to Facebook only shares the photo and not the details of the location and weather data. The feature of keeping notes from present and past hunts in the Recon Notes is convenient and any information can be logged into the journal and custom-named. All data recorded in Pink Ops is secure and accessible only by the user.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on electronics; with Pink Ops everything you need to plan your successful hunt is offered in one app, right on your smart phone and for pennies compared to the price of the various expensive electronics that you would need for the same results.

Visit the iTunesStore today to purchase your Pink Ops app for the ridiculously low price of $4.99; currently available for iPhone and Android. Purchasing this app through iTunes will keep you abreast of all future updates and any additional features available; there are some neat updates and incredible features soon to be added. The most recent update included a Camo Compact Mirror that will come in handy when preparing to hit the woods.

We know that the male hunters are envious, don’t worry–there is an app for you. Visit the  UMAX Outdoors website for more information about Pink Ops and all of the great apps available.

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