HHA Sports, the leading manufacturer in adjustable sighting system technology for firearms and vertical bows leads the way in crossbow accuracy with the Optimizer Speed Dial. It eliminates the need for multiple haired scopes and provides never before seen accuracy to the yard. The Optimizer Speed Dial extends your crossbow’s effective range and maximizes the capabilities of today’s modern crossbows with the use of a single crosshair.

Lightweight at a mere 7 ounces, it is constructed of machined aluminum and carries a 100% Lifetime Warranty. The rock solid base attaches to most crossbows, bolting to the existing 7/8” rail with a 2 bolt installation that takes seconds. Using the Optimizer’s patented yardage tape system popularized on their archery sights, the user shoots at 20 and 60 yards to select the correct tape. Once the proper tape is installed, 20 to 80 yard accuracy by the yard is now just a dial away. The days of guessing and gapping with your scope are over. Simply select the range and turn the dial to the exact yardage.

Hunters, guides and tournament shooters worldwide depend and trust the Optimizer Speed Dial and HHA’s patent yardage tapes system at the moment of truth.

Like all HHA products, the Optimizer Speed Dial is proudly made in the USA. For more information on all Optimizer Sighting Systems for your bow, crossbow or firearm, visit www.hhasports.com or follow HHA on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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