From : Tim Kent – Theory 13 Creative

KTECH Designs a family owned and operated company, KTECH Designs believes that the needs and wants of its customers are paramount. Constantly striving to produce new and innovative products that will boost bowhunter success rates and provide target archers with more podium finishes, KTECH Designs is proud to unveil its TECH Series Stabilizers.

TECH Series Stabilizers

Featuring an extensive lineup that includes the TECH 1, TECH 3, TECH 5, TECH 5 Twin, TECH 7 and TECH 12, bowhunters and target archers have plenty of choices. Aside from the TECH 1, the stabilizers feature a durable Gridlock design. The six pack features Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer and Mathews Harmonic Damper Technology and are constructed from 100-percent CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum.

Providing the archer with different weight and balance options, the Harmonic Stabilizer & Dampers can be positioned to the shooters liking. Each TECH Series Stabilizer port is machined with three groves to provide these different configurations. A stabilizer tuned to a shooters exact liking will undoubtedly boost confidence and overall accuracy.

Length and Weight Specifications:

• TECH 1 – 4.6 ounces with Harmonic Stabilizer, 2.2 ounces with Harmonic Dampers, 2.10 inches total length
• TECH 3 – 5.4 ounces with Harmonic Stabilizer, 3.0 ounces with Harmonic Dampers, 3.60 inches total length
• TECH 5 – 6.4 ounces with Harmonic Stabilizer, 4.0 ounces with Harmonic Dampers, 5.60 inches total length
• TECH 5 Twin – 7.6 ounces with Harmonic Stabilizer, 5.2 ounces with Harmonic Dampers, 5.60 inches total length

• TECH 7 – 7.6 ounces with 1 Harmonic Stabilizer and 2 Harmonic Dampers, 7.50 inches total length
• TECH 12 – 9.8 ounces with 1 Harmonic Stabilizer and 2 Harmonic Dampers, 11.25 inches total length

Camo and Custom Options

Every stabilizer in the TECH Series family is available in Lost Camo, Lost AT, Realtree AP, Harvest Moon, Muddy Girl, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Black and a stylish Carbon Fiber Finish. In addition, KTECH is offering custom color/patterns that are available upon request.

For more information about the Intrepid Stabilizer or other products in KTECH Designs lineup, visit or call (810) 309-1582.