After successfully scoring major archery tournaments in Europe, Rcherz Scoreboard app makes its U.S. debut today at the Easton Foundations Gator Cup. The Cup is a United States Archery Team (USAT) Qualifier Series event, held at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex in Newberry, Fla., May 31 to June 2. Rcherz Scoreboard will be used to score three cadet categories on the field. The mobile application is a product of Rcherz, a social network for archers and bowhunters that tracks events and results, while connecting the global archery community. Record numbers of archers from an unprecedented number of states have registered for the event. This participation increase rivals what the archery community has enjoyed at other high-profile competitions this year, and it was the catalyst that opened the door for Rcherz. “Rcherz will score select cadet categories of competition alongside IANSEO, the event’s primary scoring system,” said Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO. “We’ve seen much more interest in archery the past 18 months, and that national buzz is boosting participation numbers across the board. It’s also creating opportunities for new archers and new archery-related platforms like Rcherz and its scoreboard app.”

The scoring system and online platform should benefit from the great exposure it’ll receive at the Gator Cup. It’s the third of USA Archery’s four USAT Qualifier Series events, where archers compete for a spot on the National Team for archery. In addition to several Olympians and World Champions, the field of competitors also includes all three 2012 Olympic silver medalists: Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski and Jacob Wukie. Developed by Bowbook, Rcherz is a Slovakian-based software company that partnered with the Archery Trade Association (ATA) to provide a wireless alternative for scoring archery events. The Rcherz Scoreboard app allows direct entry from competitors and/or judges, while reducing the amount of time and work for tournament organizers. Rcherz also streams live results, making them available at the competition and online for fans. ““The (Easton Foundations) Gator Cup gives us a chance to introduce Rcherz to the U.S. competitive archery community; however Rcherz offers benefits to the casual recreational archer as well,” said Melinda Gable, the ATA’s director of business development. “Rcherz Scoreboard is a simple, helpful tool that archers of all levels can use daily and we’re eager to demonstrate what it can do.” Archers and bowhunters use and the Rcherz Scoreboard app for everyday tasks like finding competitions, registering for events, and engaging with likeminded archery and bowhunting enthusiasts through the site’s social features. Rcherz is also a valuable tool for coaches and club leaders, who can easily score competitions online, track their students’ progress, and compare the performance of equipment changes through robust plotting functions. Rcherz Scoreboard app is free and available through both iTunes and the Google Play store. Interested users can see Rcherz Scoreboard at work here. Later this year, Rcherz will begin releasing archery and bowhunting content including news, tips and how-to’s, feature stories and information for beginners.


For more information about Rcherz, contact Amy Hatfield, ATA communications coordinator, at(803) 275-2257 or by email at What is Rcherz? is a social network for archers and bowhunters that tracks events and results, while connecting the global archery community. Rcherz connects all individuals who like bows and arrows, whether they’re bowhunters, or professional or casual archers who shoot target, field or 3D archery. Rcherz was created, designed and developed by Miroslav Bojcun and Viktor Zeman, two archers who designed it for use by fellow archers. About the ATA Since 1953 ATA has been the trade association for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives and others working in the archery and bowhunting industry. ATA is dedicated to making the industry profitable by decreasing business overhead, and reducing taxes and government regulation while increasing participation in archery and bowhunting. ATA owns and manages the ATA Trade Show, the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and longest running trade show worldwide. More information can be found at