Robert Hoague
Webmaster Bowhunting.Net

When you look at some products you are certain that they will be a real asset to you. That’s exactly what I thought the first time I saw the Stedi-Stock at the ATA Archery Trade show a few years ago.

Since that time I’ve taken it with me on bowhunts for wild turkey in Nebraska, Florida, Texas, Missippi and South Dakota. As well as to Montana for antelope, Ontario and Maine for Black Bear and for Whitetail deer in Texas, Ohio and Illinois.

Is the thing any good, you ask?


You might be wondering, “What does the Stedi-Stock do?”

Simply put, it makes your pictures and video more steady.

Here is what it looks like. This one has a DSL digital camera mounted on it.

The Stedi-Stock is easy to use, very easy. One glance and you’ will understand how to attach your camera (or other things) to it.

Stedi-Stock has a familiar rifle stock shape. The unit has a screw on Handle that goes through the stock and screws into the standard 1/4×20 threaded receptacle that is on all digital cameras, video cameras, range finders and spotting scopes.

Then, all you do it bring the stock to your shoulder and hold the Stedi-Stock by the handle to take pictures, to video, to range find and view the area with your spotting scope.

The Stedi-Stock will steady up your spotting scope. You’ll be able to use it hand held.

Today, with the wide acceptance among hunters of digital cameras and video cameras, practically all of us have a camera and/or a video camera with us when we hunt. We take pictures and video deer and other wild game, as well as ourselves and our hunting buddies in camp and with the game we harvest.

If you’ve taken very many hand held pictures of moving animals you are familiar with blurry pictures. I know I was. The main reason is that you can’t stay steady on the animal as it moves along. Then, when the picture is taken it’s common for the operator to move the camera as the button is pressed. In fact, moving the camera when the picture is taken is responsible for lots of blurry pictures of animals that are standing still.

Stedi-Stock is the cure for that. It was for me … and it will be for you, too.

The Stedi-Stock has some useful attachments. I got the Super Clamp. When you need a stationary mount for your camera, spotting scope, range finder, or video camera, the Super Clamp turns a car window, a branch, or any stationary object into a solid mount. I fastened the Super Clamp to several tree limbs and it worked just fine. 

I also fastened the Super Clamp to tree limbs and hung my backpack, camera case and sometimes my bow on it. Truthfully, it worked better than any of the screw in hooks and other gadgets to hang gear on that I have bought over the years.

This hunter is using the Stedi-Stock Super Clamp by attaching it to the side of his pickup for rock solid video.

I also used their Monopod. It proved to be a winner in a ground blind. First, I attached my video camera to the Monopod and adjusted the height so it would get good coverage through my blind’s viewing and shooting windows. Then I leaned it against the wall of the blind and waited. When something happened that I wanted to video I got and and videoed away, nice and steady. I also used it to steady my binoculars when I wanted to check out deer, etc. in low light.

In Summery the Stedi-Stock is lightweight, portable and reasonably priced. It adapts to all conditions and most importantly it fit the different styles and brands of cameras, video cameras, binoculars, range finders, and spotting scopes. that I have

Stedi-stock was developed by Harold Hurst and is manufactured by Agonic Enterprises, LLC/ dba Stedi Stock.  Stedi-Stock is proudly made in Texas, in the USA.