New Spypoint Universal Game Caller with Wireless Controller

Main Features:

  •  10 volume control levels
  •  Up to 120dB
  •  External 3.5mm audio socket
  •  Requires 4 X AAA batteries or external DC6-9 or 12V (not included)
  •  Wireless Controller requires 3 X AAA batteries (not included)
  •  Wireless Controller operating distance of approximately 33′
  •  Interchangeable sound cards (1 card included)
  •  Five sounds per card


Item Description :

Developed by Spypoint  for the beginner and the advanced Outdoors person in mind, this innovative 3-piece sound device will be beneficial to hunters, photographers, naturalists, bird watchers and anyone else interested in the great outdoors. Our Universal Game Caller features a unique interchangeable sound card system, by simply replacing one sound card with another.

Spypoint Universal Game Caller with Wireless Controller


Caller + Controller + 1 Sound Card:  Version available:

  •  Whitetail (#Kit-Whitetail)
  •  Moose (#Kit-Moose)
  •  Predator (#Kit-Predator)

Caller + 1 Sound card :                          Version available:

  •  Whitetail (#Caller Whitetail)
  • Moose (#Caller Moose)
  • Predator (#Caller Predator)


Sound cards available:

  •  Whitetail (#Card Whitetail)
  •  Whitetail 2 (#Card Whitetail2)
  •  Moose (#Card Moose)
  •  Moose 2 (#Card Moose2)
  •  Predator (#Card Predator)
  •  Predator 2 (#Card Predator2)
  •  Wild Turkey (#Card Turkey)
  •  Goose (#Card Goose)
  •  Mallard Duck (#Card Duck)
  •  Elk (#Card Elk)



Amplified speaker for the universal game caller. Enhances 2x the sound and volume. Tone control switch. Battery power indicator. 6 X AA alkaline batteries. External 1/8 audio jack. Audio cable included.

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