Driven by an increased demand for their precision-engineered arrow vanes, VaneTec, Inc. has taken steps to strengthen production and inventory for 2013.

Owner Chris Metzgus announced the addition of specialized equipment that will allow VaneTec to continue delivering consistent, high quality vanes at a higher rate of speed. Accompanying the new equipment are additional personnel to oversee the key aspects of the line due to the increased speed of production.

Metzgus stated “Our goal is to double production capabilities for 2013 in order to start the year with enough inventory to supply dealers and distributors with same or next day shipping.”

While these improvements are being implemented to meet increased demand, Metzgus is pleased to announce that VaneTec will be carrying over its 2012 dealer pricing with no price increase planned for 2013.

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About VaneTec, Inc: VaneTec manufacturers precision arrow vanes and adhesives. Each individual vane maintains consistent tight tolerance in weight, shape, dimensions, texture and color. Their rigid construction gives them maximum durability, solid stability and excellent memory. Vanes are compatible for hand and machine fletching and come in four profile categories and 13 colors. VaneTec is located in the heart of hunting country – Myrtle Point, Oregon – and the owners have combined close to 50 years of specific, hands-on experience in the vane design and fletching business.