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Wolf De-Listing is coming!

This is what a lot of us have worked and hoped for! The efforts of many people and organizations is paying off: now make sure to read this story and make your voice heard in support of managing wolf populations at the state level. This is great news for our wildlife and livestock in the lower 48 states! Thank you to everyone who has helped on this issue!

Successful Recovery Efforts Prompt Service Proposal to Delist Gray Wolf Four decades of work by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners to protect and recover the gray wolf ( Canis lupus) have successfully brought…

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Ron Spomer • Dan,
It’s unfortunate that the general public’s ignorance of wildlife, conservation and management permits emotional appeals by charlatans to both milk the public of money and waste tax payer dollars on lawsuits that largely line the pockets of lawyers and anti-hunting groups while doing nothing to improve habitat. It’s time we extinguished this notion that we can have a pristine environment with all native species at pre-settlement numbers. 310 million humans with houses, electricity, cars, highways, golf courses, farms, livestock — and some think wolves can/should freely roam as they did in 1805? Who’s going to supply the 30 million bison to feed them?

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