By: Gary Elliott

The Bednar Puller is named after Hall of Fame Archer Bill Bednar and grandfather to now Marketing Director of TenPoint, Phillip Bednar. The perfect puller is the perfect puller.

With compound and crossbows shooting at speeds well over 300 fps and requiring high density targets to stop the bolts/arrows shot from these, pulling them can be a chore if not somewhat impossible. Working in the archery department of a big box store we sometimes have situations where arrows/bolts get stuck in high density or cheap targets and are quite a problem to get out. When I heard of one of these situations I quickly grabbed my Bednar Puller and rushed to the scene. Anxious to see if I was going to look ridiculous or be a hero, I put the Bednar Puller on the bolt knowing this target was normally our toughest and began to pull. Within a second or two the arrow was pulled and I was in shock at how well these worked.

The Bednar Puller from TenPoint Crossbows

The handle is similar to a pair of pliers and the rubber jaws grip like crazy. But the way the handles are designed it allows for more pressure to be equally applied to the bolt/arrow with less effort from you and allows you to pull the shaft out straight and not at an angle. The grippers are interchangeable to match your arrow/bolt size. The hunter orange pullers have a built in nock tool as well.

I have tried several types of pullers overtime and resorting to jar lid openers to pull arrows and I have to tell you the Bednar Puller makes it too easy to pull arrows/bolts out of high density targets.

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Review written by: Gary Elliott