Bowjax Vs LimbSaver – A Comparison


Bowjax began with one string silencer and today the company offers a variety of noise and vibration dampening products that cover AR15s, archery and fishing . Owner Stuart Wright was a paratrooper who served in the famed 82nd Airborne Division and holds a degree in mechanical engineering. He is also an avid all-around outdoorsman, bowhunter, rifleman, and fisherman where he combined his passion, education and talents into a business that would become the archery industry’s noise and vibration-reducing specialist.

With a full line of noise and vibration reducing products and stabilizers for archery Bowjax also expanded its line of dampening systems to include high speed crossbows. The Complete Crossbow Dampening Kit includes two crossbow-tough Monsterjax for limbs, four crossbow Slipjax for strings and a retention spring dampener for both split and solid limb crossbows.

Josh Brown of Collin County Archery conducted an interesting comparison between Bowjax and LimbSaver Vibration Dampening products you can watch by clicking below.

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To see the Bowjax differance: Bowjax vs Limbsaver


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