Earlier in the year I was on the Access Agricover web site looking through the truck Accessories. The “Truck Bed Light” jumped off the page. If you’ve ever fumbled around in your truck bed at night; searching for a particular item, you already know why. I looked it over and played the Installation video.

To tell the truth, I didn’t waste time deciding if it was worth getting, I was certain it was. I’ve owned two Access Roll Up Tonneau Pickup Bed Covers and know them to be top a quality, everything it was claimed to be and more, type of product. So I knew the LED Light Strip would be the light for the job.

My package came quickly.

It consisted of a flexible LED Light Strip backed with a tough, waterproof 3M Adhesive that has a peal off backing.

The LED light strip comes in lengths of 12″, 39″ and 60.” The individual LED lights are in a protective covering.

The LED light strip was rigged by Access with an off/On switch and the wiring to hook the unit to any 12 volt light source. I played the Installation video again and got to work.

The first step was to clean off the area where I wanted the LED Light strip to mount. Next I pealed off the backing from the LED strip and stuck it in place. Then I removed my taillight and hooked the LED’s wiring up to my taillight wiring. Before I put my taillight back on I turned the light on and off to be sure I had things right. The light came on and I turned it on and off again.

Here is my LED light strip mounted in my pickup bed. The off/on switch is on the left side. Just push the button and the light turns on or off. The 3M adhesive bond is extremely tight. And the LED lights are extremely bright.

Once I got the taillight screwed back on, the install was complete.

One word explains the install; EASY.


Normally, I have a bunch of stuff in the bed of my pickup. Things like: a ground blind, fold up chairs, tool box, lots of hunting stuff and more. Finding something I need, at night, has always been a problem. But Access LED has definitely come to the rescue.

This is my Access LED light in action. My tonneau cover is closed but I can clerly see items in the bed of my F150.

Just so you know; with the light on the side the total bed of the pickup is lit up.

Now, after several weeks of use I can say that this light lives up to its description and features on the website; as well as my own personal expectations. It is indeed that rare product that rates a 10 on a scale of 10. And I recommend that any hunter or outdoorsman get one and put it to use. You’ll be glad you did.

ACCESS™ LED lights are available in three sizes for auto, marine, and recreational use. Applications include boats, motor homes, fish houses, trailers, pick-up beds, and storage compartments.

Check it out at  the Access Agricover web site or go right to to the LED Truck Bed Light. For the excellent installation instruction video go to Access LED Truck Bed Light Install.

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