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By: Lynne Frady The Lady Archer

Whether you are a novice hunter or a veteran how to use the wind to your favor is one of the first things you learn. We have all had stalks go awry because the wind suddenly shifted. Most of us have experienced a wind shift in our favorite tree stand as well. We can’t predict the weather even after being glued to the weather channel for hours making a plan but the one thing that is in our control though is how we prepare for each hunt.

Most of you that read my articles or know me have learned that I will not leave home, no matter what I am hunting from birds to elk, without my Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer regimen. I have had whitetail deer bed under my stand in 100 degree heat in September here in the south with swirling wind and they never knew I was there. I can’t say enough about the WRC system but the one thing I can always say in two words, ‘it works’.

When WRC came out with the new “Gold” line of scent killer products I thought there was no way they could improve on what I thought was already flawless, but they did. So was it possible for them to make another step to crush their competitors? The answer is yes and boy did they not only make a step they took a huge leap.

New Scent Killer Gold for “Her” Ultimate Value Pack

This month Wildlife Research Center will introduce their new Scent Killer Gold for “Her” Ultimate Value Pack. This unique made for us women pack has the 12 oz Special Edition Scent Killer Gold Clothing Spray with hunt dry technology, a 12 oz bottle of Scent Killer Gold Body Wash, a 8 oz bottle of Scent Killer Gold Shampoo, a 8 oz bottle of Scent Killer Gold Conditioner and to top it all off it comes with a large pink puff. It is all packaged in pink bottles and comes in a great looking pink and brown box. It will never be confused with the standard hunting items primarily marketed to men. This one is for us ladies.

With the usual quality of products one can expect from WRC they have also made the ‘Her’ Ultimate Value Pack to take into account what we need. For example, the shampoo will leave your hair fresh and clean and the new conditioner will give you soft manageable hair and both are safe for color treated hair. No more wrecking your color after a week of hard hunting. It works with all hair types and can be used every day. I couldn’t wait to give it a trial run and I love it!

Author introducing the New Scent Killer Gold for Her Ultimate Value Pack at the BOW ( Becoming an Outdoors Woman) event in North Carolina.

I would like to thank Mike Griffith from Wildlife Research Center for sending me this ultimate value pack to show to the ladies at our North Carolina BOW Program (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) where Jim and I teach archery. All the ladies loved the concept of getting all you need in one box and the fact that the shampoo and conditioner was safe for color treated hair. The fact that is was in pink bottles and comes with the puff also held great appeal for the ladies. They all wanted to know when and where it would be available.

This awesome kit will be available this month at select retailers for $32.99. As you ladies know a good bottle of shampoo and conditioner alone can cost that much but this kit is loaded with everything you need for your upcoming hunt as well.

To me Wildlife Research Center killed it on this great new Scent Killer Gold for Her Ultimate Value Pack. I won’t leave home without it and for all the lady hunters out there, you won’t either. The only problem I see is keeping it to yourself.

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