Altitude Advantage For High Country Hunting

Wilderness Athlete would like to remind all hunters who hunt in the high country now is a great time to stock up on Altitude Advantage.™ Altitude Advantage is a herbal capsule that when taken properly helps hunters process oxygen more quickly and efficiently while in the high country. It also helps hunters rebound from the effects of altitude sickness.

Altitude Advantage is one of many fine products offered by Wilderness Athlete.

Many eastern hunters cannot prepare for acute mountain sickness if they are heading West to hunt in the mountains. Altitude Sickness, also known as AMS, affects hunters in a variety of ways: vomiting, heavy breathing, horrible headaches and cold sweats.

Eastern hunters can do several things to prepare for western hunting including lifting weights, hiking with a pack on their back and running. However, they cannot prepare for AMS.

“Acute Mountain Sickness can bring hunters who are in great shape to their knees. In extreme cases of AMS, hunters will have to stop hunting for a few days or even go home early,” Mark Paulsen, Founder of Wilderness Athlete noted.

The oxygen level is 21% at sea level and the same at high altitudes. However, at sea level, the barometric pressure is 760 mmHg. At 12,000 feet, the barometric pressure is 480 mmHg. Therefore, there are 40% less oxygen molecules taken in per breath. At high elevations, the soft tissue in the brain and lungs begin to swell. High altitude and low air pressure causes fluid to leak from the capillaries, which causes the swelling. Dehydration usually sets in as well.

Altitude Advantage capsules are made from a variety of herbs including Reishi and Golden Root. The herbs increase the size of our blood vessels and small capillaries, reducing the swelling associated with AMS. It increases the effectiveness of the body’s ability to utilize the oxygen we are breathing. The product reduces fatigue, lactic acid build up, and increases circulation.

The capsule is a dream come true for Eastern hunters hunting in the West.
For maximum results, Altitude Advantage should be taken at least five days before a hunt, giving blood vessels and capillaries time to increase in size, which will decrease the time it takes to acclimate to high altitudes.

Altitude Advantage is one of many fine products offered by Wilderness Athlete. To learn more about Wilderness Athlete, visit

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