Bowjax Silences Wide Gap Split Limb Bows


Bowjax, the innovators of the most complete lineup of bow dampening and silencing systems introduces the New Wide Gap Revelation Dampeners, the ultimate shock suppressing technology for today’s high speed split limb wide gapped bows including Mathews, PSE and Bear.


Bowjax Silences Wide Gap Split Limb Bows with New Revelation Dampeners


“The New Revelation Split Limb Dampeners are specifically designed for wide gap bows with a 15/16″ width split limb gap,” stated Bowjax President, Stuart Wright. “They are ultra light weight, super shock absorbing, and most importantly doesn’t utilize screws or adhesive of any kind. The Revelation Dampeners were made for the ‘perfectionist archer’ who requires only the finest, made in the USA products.”

Today’s cutting-edge split limb bows have a tremendous amount of ‘stored energy’ that must transfer directly through the limbs. The Revelation Wide Gap Dampener was made to harness the massive amounts of ‘stored energy.’ The dampeners are constructed of incredibly soft material that soaks up even the slightest vibration and noise. The large X- shape of the dampener wedges in between the limbs, which fits snuggly. They weigh only 480 grains each.

Color options include: black, red, and pink. The New Revelation Split Limb Dampeners are competitively priced at $20.99 MSRP per set of two.

About Bowjax, Inc.

Bowjax, Inc® is a premium supplier and innovator of one of the most complete lineups of bow dampener and silencer systems on the market. Bowjax offers dampeners for bow limbs, risers, stabilizers and cable guards, along with silencers for bowstrings and cables. For more information visit or call (208) 762-3692.

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