ICOtec GC300 Electronic Game Call


By: Gary Elliott

When looking for an affordable electronic call that packs quality and expensive game call features look to ICOtec. The new GC300 features a  sleek design that made it very easy to carry and is compact enough to put in my pack with other gear.

The 2-piece unit has a remote control range of 300 yards and allowed us to play two calls simultaneously so we could get far away and play a distress call and at the same time throw in a crow call. The GC300 has 12 different sounds to attract a wide range of predators and is suitable for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned predator hunter. All calls are licensed from Wildlife Technologies.

As noted on the website;  all calls cycle through a pattern of natural pauses. What this means is your unit will play 30 to 40 seconds  and then go silent for 20 to 30 seconds. This sequence will repeat indefinitely until you manually stop it. This eliminates the need for you to stop and start several times per set.

The electronically reproduced sounds are authentic and so realistic in fact, we almost lost the call to a Great Horned Owl that actually swooped down near our call while it was playing.

The unit requires 4 AA batteries and the remote comes with a 23A lithium ion battery. to begin operation when you first open your GC300 you simply pull the tab allowing the battery to make contact put your 4 AA batteries in the call and away you go. Easy to operate and the high impact plastic will take a beating for many years in the field. It is also easy to clean up after use and the remote went right back on the remote holder so we didn’t have to look for it each time we took it out.

Below are some of the features of the ICOtec GC300:

  •  300 yard remote control range.
  •  Plays up to 2 call sounds simultaneously.
  •  12 quality prey sounds by Wildlife Technologies.
  •  Remote controlled Volume control.
  •  15 Watt speaker.
  •  Rugged construction for durability.
  •  Remote holder.
  •  High quality audio speaker for superior call replication.

Calls included are:

  •          Coyote Male
  •          Coyote Female
  •          Coyote Yip
  •          Coyote Pup Distress
  •          Gray Fox Distress
  •          Adult Bobcat
  •          Cottontail Distress
  •          Jack Rabbit Distress
  •          Crow Distress
  •          Woodpecker Distress
  •          Raccoon Pup Distress
  •          Fawn Distress

For more please go to: ICOtec

Review written by: Ben Ingram & Gary Elliott